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Zolaxis Patcher APK Download v3.0 For Android Latest Version 2023

Zolaxis Patcher For Android

  1. Zolaxis Patcher is a famous tool for ML Players because a lot of people need it. 
  2. Mobile Legend Bang Bang changes the look of a character with a premium skin at any time. If you are also looking for a platform where you can access all the skins for free.
  3. It is tool that help you to get premium skins for MLBB gaming heroes.
  4. Now injects the skins into the official game by injecting skin code directly.
  5. Zolaxis Patcher Apk currently has 199 premium skins that you can use in the game according to your role as a playable hero.
  6. It is a wonderful application that has amazing features which you can use free of cost. Let’s dive and introduce all about this program in detail.

Features And Best Things About Zolaxis Patcher APK 

If you’re just looking for an Android device skin app without a lot of bells and whistles like Rank Booster and other visual tweaks, then Zolaxis Patcher Injector program is your best choice to unlock ML skins for free. 

Zolaxis Patcher APK allows us to unlock skins for existing Mobile Legends characters. So before using this app you need to buy the heroes you like to play. Then you can get new outfits for free. Just select the type and find the desired item by scrolling the surface.

Zolaxis Patcher Unlock Skins And More
Zolaxis Patcher Unlock Skins And More

It supports all sorts of manageable hero categories, including sharpshooter, fighter, assassin, mage, tank, and support.

You don’t need to have diamonds or gold coins to perform the procedure as the tool manipulates floating legends by simply editing the files in the root folder. It’s a safe way to change things like this, and it won’t affect other players’ gameplay.

Why you need to use this program?

The Zolaxis Patcher APK Injector is used to get premium hero skins in the MLBB game. Please note that the app has no physical relationship with the official game. Only implement skins in the official game by entering the skin code directly. And to use the app, you don’t need to provide any login credentials.

New Apk Unlock All Skins

Zolaxis Patcher Apk Additional Information

Name Zolaxis Patcher
Updated Jan 29, 2023
Developer MR-DEAN
ID com.zolaxispatcher.injector
Installs 100,000+
Category Apk App

Download Now

Click here to download the apk file in your folder.

What are new things that you will find:

User interface:

  • Fixed the bug where you can’t press more arrow cheats
  • Fix the bug where you can’t click categories in more cheat U
Drone View:
  • Fixed tablet view
  • Fixed 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, & 7x drone

Amazing Features That You Can’t be Found in Other Injectors

Assasin Skins:

  • Gusion > backup, special, epic, KOF, and legend
  • Fanny > backup, starlight, special, epic, and lightborn
  • Selena > backup, epic, zodiac, starlight, and epic
  • Lancelot > backup, special, zodiac, epic, and hero
  • Ling > backup, starlight, epic, sasuke, and tanjiro
  • Helcurt > backup, elite, special, zodiac, and kyuubi
  • Hayabusa > backup, special, starlight, epic and elite
  • Natalia > backup, starlight, elite, special, and special
  • Hanzo > 2 skins
  • Karina > 5 skins
  • Saber > 5 skins
  • Benedetta > 1 skin

Marksman Skins:

  • Granger > backup, elite, starlight, lightborn, and agent Z
  • Lasley > Backup, epic, special, legend, and starlight
  • Claude > backup, starlight, epic, special, and special
  • Moskov > backup, special, epic, elite and epic
  • Hanabi > backup, elite, epic, starlight, and epic
  • Miya > backup, legend, special, epic, and special
  • Bruno > backup, elite, special, elite and hero
  • Irithel > backup, epic, starlight, zodiac, and epic
  • Roger > 3 skins
  • Yi sun shin > 3 skins
  • Layla > 3 skins
  • Wanwan > 2 skins
  • Popol & Kupa > 1 skin
  • Karrie > 6 skins
  • kimmy > 4 skins
  • Bruno > 4 skins
  • Clint > 2 skins

Fighter Skins:

  • Aldous > backup, elite, starlight, M1, and saitama
  • Chou > backup, epic, elite, KOF, and starlight
  • Guinevere > backup, KOF, starlight, special, and epic
  • Jawhead > backup, special, elite, special, and galaxy
  • Roger > backup, epic, starlight, epic, and venom
  • Alucard > backup, legend, lightborn, starlight, and epic
  • X.borg > backup, elite, starlight, bokugo, and genos
  • Badang > backup, special, zodiac, epic, and all might
  • New character skins also added contain skins of Thamuz, Silvanna, Masha, Yuzhong, Lapu-Lapu, Dyrroth, Leomord, Terizla, Martis, Sun, Freya, Alpha, Argus and more.

Mage Skins: 

  • Valir > backup, special, starlight, epic, and dabi
  • Kagura > backup, special, epic, special, and nezuko
  • Odette > backup, epic, special, zodiac, and special
  • Aurora > backup, starlight, zodiac, special, and KOF
  • Harith > backup, elite, lightborn, epic, and boruto
  • Lunox > backup, elite, epic, starlight, and zodiac
  • Nana > backup, elite, elite, epic, and special
  • Harley > backup, starlight, epic, special, and epic
  • New mage character skins added including Pharsa, Esmeralda, Chnag’e, Kadita, Cecilion, Lou Yi, Alice, Eudora, Laylia, Cyclops, and Gord.

Tank Skins:

  • Khufra > backup, elite, special, epic, and luffy
  • Uranus > backup, special, epic, special, magma
  • Grock > backup, elite, epic, starlight, and epic
  • Johnson > backup, elite, epic, epic, and hot wheels
  • Franco > backup, special, starlight, special, and epic
  • New characters added which are Atlas, Gatotkaca, Tigreal, Hylos, Baxia, Akai, Hilda, etc.

Support Skins:

  • Angela > backup, special, epic, special, and starlight
  • Estes > backup, epic, special, epic
  • Kaja > backup, starlight, epic, and elite
  • Nana > 4 skins
  • Diggie > 4 skins
  • Carmilla > 1 skin

How to Download & Install the Zolaxis Patcher APK for Android?

This unique feature ensures that users are always protected. If you can’t download this app from the Google Play Store, you can always download it from this website. Follow the instructions below to install this app on your Android devices before using the suggestion.

  • Open “Unknown sources” in Settings. After that, go to the Security section and enable the Security option.
  • Go to the download manager on your Android device and click on the IPTV Playlist button. Now is the time to get it.
  • There are two options on the mobile screen. There are two ways to install the operating system and you just need to flash it on your Android device.
  • You will see a popup of options on your phone screen. You have to wait a little bit for it to come out.
  • After all the downloads and installations are done, just click on the “Open” option and open your mobile device screen.

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Final Remarks

There is no password in the current version (part 39) of Zolaxis Patcher. It is a simple ML injector with a nice collection of ML skins to inject for free. Also, I would like to point out here that the app comes with a dark map style material design and the UI will help you navigate easily. You can easily use this app without password. So you can download Zolaxis Patcher APK right now (new update) and enjoy the premium skins for free.

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