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Youtube music vs Apple music with comparison table

We explain the difference between Apple Music and YouTube Music with table. There is no doubt that Apple Music and YouTube Music are among the best music streaming platforms. Apple Music is said to have around 60 million songs and YouTube Music says it has 50 million official songs, but that’s only one-dimensional as YouTube Music has a lot of mashups, live videos, remixes, and other unofficial videos. youtube music vs apple music

Globally, Apple Music is a huge success, as estimates suggest that Apple Music had 72 million subscribers worldwide in June 2020, four million more than in December of the previous year. When it comes to India, Youtube Music is likely to be more successful as people are already familiar with the YouTube video sharing platform. youtube music vs apple music

What is Apples Music?

Apple Music is a music and video streaming service developed by Apple Inc. To be specific, it is Apple’s answer to its competitors Spotify, Google Play, and others. Apple promises to give you access to more than 60 million songs, a live radio station, and a personal connection with the artists you admire. It is a built-in music app, which means that if you don’t want to use this service, you can go ahead and listen to the music that you have preloaded on your device. youtube music vs apple music

To get started, Apple is offering you a 3-month free trial to try out this new music and video streaming service. For later use, you can choose to auto-renew or disable it. They offer an individual plan and a family plan (for 5 members) to subscribe to all the benefits of iTunes Match, along with passage to the entire Apple Music catalog. youtube music vs apple music

In the app, the Connect feature allows you to connect with your favorite artists while they post things there. It can be said that it is a somewhat personalized and minimized version of the Twitter and Instagram feed. There is a Radio function which is Beats 1 Radio and a 24 hour radio that you can enjoy. The New Music feature has a custom segment where you can set your musical priorities for a personalized experience.

What is YouTubes Music?

YouTube Music is a dedicated YouTube music service. It is owned by Google which takes advantage of Youtube’s huge music directory with an emphasis on videos and live performances. It is well known by all that, since many times YouTube is the only place where some of these performances are projected live. YouTube Music promises to give access to 1 billion official and unofficial releases. The best part about Youtube Music is that, unlike Apple Music, it is available on both Android and iOS devices. It comes with a smart speaker like Google’s own speakers, Bose speaker, JBL, and others. youtube music vs apple music

To get started, Youtube offers you a 1-month free trial to try this new music and video streaming service. For later use, you can choose to auto-renew or disable it. They offer a student plan (for individuals) and a family plan (for 6 members) to subscribe and enjoy a seamless experience by eliminating video overlay ads that run before and during a video. youtube music vs apple music

The New Release Mix is ​​a playlist that is updated every Friday with 30 new songs that YouTube selects just for you based on your musical preference. Discover Mix is ​​a 50-song playlist that is updated every Wednesday with songs from artists you already like and other songs that YouTube suggests based on the preferences you gave.

Difference between Apple Music and YouTube Music with table

The differences between Apple Music and Youtube Music are the variation in the cost of the premium subscription, the duration of the free trial, the podcast service, the music library, the radio streaming function, the number of songs available, the number of users, offline playback, streaming quality, and availability across multiple platforms.

Comparison table between Apple Music and Youtube Music

Comparison parameters Apple Music Youtube Music
Free trial duration 3 months 1 month
Podcast service Available Not available
Music library Over 60 million (official releases only) About 1 billion (both official and unofficial releases)
Radio transmission facility Yes, Beats 1 Radio Not
Number of users 11 million paying users 1 billion active users
Play offline Paying users only Youtube red
Transmission quality up to 256 kbps up to 128 kbps
Available platforms iOS, Apple TV Mac, Apple Watch, and Windows PC iOS, Android, Google TV, Xbox, Playstation, Chromostat.

Key differences between Apple Music and YouTube Music

  1. Apple Music provides access to a free 3-month subscription, while YouTube Music offers only a free 1-month subscription. Apple Music offers radio and podcast streaming services, while YouTube Music does not offer such services.
  2. According to claims, Apple Music library has around 60 million officially released songs, while YouTube Music claims its library has over 1 billion songs including official and unofficial releases.
  3. Apple Music can be enjoyed on iOS, Apple devices and Windows PC; YouTube Music installation is available on iOS, Android, Google TV, Xbox, Playstation, Chromostat.
  4. Apple Music provides its subscribers with daily playlists of new releases and in-depth tracks to help them discover new music. Google does something similar with artificial intelligence. Before generic playlists, YouTube Premium will have a personalized home screen that provides recommendations based on subscribers’ listening history.
  5. Both platforms add a personalized touch of subscribers’ favorite singers, but Feed Segment of Apple, where celebrities post stuff, adds the icing on the cake.

Final Thought

To conclude, it is correct to say that both music and video streaming platforms are pioneers in their dominance. Both have more or less similar features with subtle differences like Apple Music Podcast and Radio Streaming, which is absent from YouTube Music and, unlike Apple Music, YouTube Music has availability of almost all music snippets, whether they are official releases or unofficial. youtube music vs apple music

Both services have their pros and cons, so depending on the type of device, you can go for either of them. On the one hand, it’s great to have access to Siri to control your music needs, and on the other hand, YouTube Music is a pleasure to use if you are a YouTube fan, as the platform is the newest and has an edge over others when it comes to It’s about a variety of content because it can offer remixes and fan-created content that you can’t find anywhere.

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