What is story?

We explain what a story is and what its main characteristics are. The genres of story that exist and famous authors.

  1. What is story?

The concept of story comes from Latin, compŭtus , this means account . The story is a story or narration , rather short , of a fact, which is usually imaginary.

Normally, stories are characterized by having few characters , where there is usually only one main character . Moreover, his argument is usually rather simple. This characteristic is due to the low capacity to use literary resources due to the shortness of the narrative.

Traditionally, stories are structured based on an introduction , then it is developed, a conflict arises , that is, the knot of the story. This will be resolved, that is, the outcome or closure of the story. These texts are written in prose and are made for a run reading , that is, it should not be interrupted as a novel , since it is possible that the literary intention is lost.

The stories can be classified into two large groups, on the one hand the traditional or also known under the name of “popular” and literary. Traditional stories are characterized by their oral transmission throughout history . That is why different versions can be known from the same story. It is believed that its origin is the family environment. This was intended to entertain both children and adults. Many of these stories continue to be known today as they have been compiled throughout history.

  1. Characteristics of the stories

Story - Story - History
Stories usually leave a moral or teaching.

Traditional stories present certain patterns, some examples are:

  • The beginnings are usually determinants of time and space.
  • The numbers three and seven are usually used in almost all stories.
  • Evil characters are usually ugly, while the most kind ones are characterized by their beauty.
  • The same phrase is often repeated throughout the narrative.
  • On the other hand it is perceived that in most of the stories the main characters must overcome various tests and usually manage to overcome them thanks to the help of other kind characters.
  • The outcomes are characterized by being final where the plot is resolved and the protagonist obtains what is desired.
  • They usually leave a moral or teaching .

Literary stories are characterized by being transmitted in writing. They are created by an author. That is why these are usually unique, several versions cannot be found . In this case, the moral is not something that can be interpreted at the end of the story, even if the author writes with a specific intent.

  1. Genres of stories

Some of the genres that can be found in these short stories are: terror, some of the best known authors are Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King . The travel stories, one of the most recognized authors is Julio Verne.

Fantastic stories can also be found , such as those of Horacio Quiroga or Julio Cortázar and even police such as Jorge Luis Borges. There is also the realistic genre, such as the one developed by Juan Rulfo. Another of the topics widely used are love, science fiction , children, etc.

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