What is solidarity?

We explain what solidarity is and why this human value is so important. Examples of solidarity and famous phrases.

  1. What is solidarity?

Solidarity is one of the traditional human values , related to compassion and generosity, and that has to do with the spirit of cooperating and providing support to a person in need in their greatest moment of vulnerability, especially if it implies doing On the one hand, personal needs, opinions or prejudices .

The aid provided in a moment of solidarity, thus, is considered selfless, that is, it does not expect a retribution or a profit in exchange for the service provided. It is supposed to constitute a degree of altruism or detachment , which puts the needs of others above their own momentarily. That is why it is common to appreciate it in critical or catastrophic situations, such as wars , natural disasters or simply problematic times in someone’s life.

In the same way, solidarity is not usually considered as an obligation or mandate , but must be voluntary. There is, however, a moral commitment in those who have the resources to help others overcome a critical situation, and our culture does not welcome those who simply refuse to do so with good eyes.

Finally, solidarity is a requirement in the construction of deep affective relationships such as love or friendship , since they generate gratitude and even a commitment of reciprocity in those who receive selfless help. It is a widely promoted value, as a remedy to the evils of individualism and selfishness within the functioning of the world.

  1. Examples of solidarity

Solidarity can clearly be seen in cases such as the following:

  • The collection of clothing, imperishable food and other vital supplies to assist a population victim of a natural catastrophe, or displaced for war or economic reasons.
  • The investment fund helps impoverished sectors of the population, such as free kitchens, organizations of education popular, etc.
  • The pension funds, in which a young generation pays for the retired generation, and then when it is old, receives the payment of the coming youths.
  • During World War II , in full anti-Semitic rage, there were many Germans who risked their lives and those of their families to help Jews escape extermination.
  • The families poor who share with a neighbor worse the little food they have.
  1. Phrases about solidarity

Some phrases that summarize the spirit of solidarity are:

  • “One by one we are mortal, together we will be eternal” – Apuleyo.
  • “Solidarity is the tenderness of the people” – Gioconda Belli.
  • “There is no good that delights us if we do not share it” – Seneca.
  • “He who gives great service receives a great reward” – Elbert Hubbard.
  • “The great opportunities to help others are scarce, but the small ones surround us every day” – Sally Koch.
  • “Carrying is the work when many share fatigue” – Homer.
  • “You have less needs the more others feel” – Doris Lessing.
  • “You have to unite, not to be together, but to achieve something together” – Juan Donoso Cortés.
  1. What is cooperation?

The word cooperation comes from the prefix co- (which means set , among several) and operation, which already gives a meaning about its meaning: an operation carried out among several .

Cooperation means the joint work of two or more individuals to achieve a goal or goal that benefits them both, but not necessarily to the same extent. Someone willing to cooperate, for example, is someone who willingly undertakes the causes of others, and who invests in them part of his effort, but also enjoys part of the rewards.

The line that separates cooperation from solidarity is very blurred, however, since someone who cooperates can also do so by solidarity , without claiming any of the results obtained. However, cooperation does not necessarily lead to noble or altruistic ends: a cooperative can be an individual who helps a dictatorial government or a foreign occupation government, to better control their own country; a figure very close to the traitor.

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