What is an article?

We explain what an article is and what its main characteristics are. In addition, other meanings of this term.

  1. What is an article?

The word article  comes from the Latin language ( articŭlus ) ; when we analyze the formation of the word we can see that it comes from the union of the word “artis”, added to the suffix “culus”.

An article is a type of text that demonstrates the position that a journalist, editor or individual has about a specific topic that responds to the general interest, such as politics , security , public health and education , among others, and that It is published in graphic mass media, such as newspapers, websites, or magazines.

Through the articles it is intended to influence people and generate a certain behavior in them and modify public opinion, for which arguments are used that support the position of the writer. Generally these are newspaper articles , so these professionals are called “the fourth power.”

In this type of texts (which responds to the argumentative model) the author not only raises what he thinks about that particular topic, but also analyzes it and can include opinions of professionals who support what he thinks. There are several types of articles, such as opinion, scientific, journalistic, etc. articles.

Generally, the format in which the articles are written is to start with the presentation of a topic, then continue with an analysis of the situation and interpret it according to our thinking (we can also resort to that of others to reaffirm what was said), and finally You have to write a conclusion , close the topic. With respect to the latter, it is not necessary that the conclusion be a solution to the above, we can close the article with a summary and a little thought about the writing.

  1. Other kinds of articles

Article - Economy
In economics, an article is merchandise that can be marketed.

In addition, we find numbered and ordered articles in State books (such as a constitution, a law , decree) or in any other legal document, such as a rental contract, for example.

In grammar, an article is a part of a sentence whose function is to limit the extension of the noun or of that word that is fulfilling its function. There are 3 types of grammar articles :

  • defined (example: el, la).
  • undefined (for example: one, one).
  • neutral . In the latter case, the only neutral article in the Spanish language is “lo”.

In economics and related subjects, the article is that merchandise that can be marketed .

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