What is a doctrine?

We explain what a doctrine is, its relation to knowledge, laws, religion, the armed forces and other areas.

  1. What is a doctrine?

A doctrine is a global body of theories or knowledge taught as true by one or different authors. It can be the result of some organized method of knowledge production , some type of agreement regarding the subject, or it is taught in a dogmatic way, that is, as an absolute and unquestionable truth.

The content of a specific doctrine can be very diverse, and may have to do with different subjects. The term, in fact, is related to the word indoctrinate , pejorative use to mean “reeducation” or “brainwashing”, although its etymological roots point rather to the Latin docere , “teach”, where the word “also comes from” teacher ”.

Finally, there is often talk of a doctrines when there is a type of protocol, guideline or series of mandates established around a specific topic in a State or a society, so that they are executed without questioning, or with very little questioning .

  1. Types of doctrine

The word doctrines is used in very different contexts, such as:

  • Religious doctrine . That set of knowledge , rites, procedures and others that fosters a church among its faithful. In the case, for example, of Christian doctrines, the catechism is usually imparted by the Catholic Church to its believers.
  • Legal doctrine . The set of laws and regulations that make up a legal framework operate as a doctrines, which tells judges and officials how to act to resolve some kind of conflict in society , and how justice should be delivered .
  • Military doctrine . It applies to the set of knowledge (or specific doctrines) of the martial or military field, which are imparted to the members of the armed forces of a State to ensure their coordinated and disciplined action against the enemy forces, or in other situations.
  • Common doctrines . That which includes all the knowledge defended by its authors within a community of connoisseurs or militants: the doctrines of a political party, the doctrine of a social movement, etc.

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