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VMOS Pro APK 1.3.3 Download For Android App

VMOS Pro ApkVMOS Pro Apk is an advanced update from the original VMOS (Virtual Master) team. This time we give users the right to configure ROMs and we will no longer restrict users.

We will create a basic ROM and encourage users to modify the ROM randomly and use their imagination to a minimum.

The built-in root environment, running Xposed and other root drivers, pre-installed Google mobile services, Windows support for all apps, can handle two apps on the same screen, and support for custom solutions customization.

VMOS Pro Apk Download Android App

VMOS Pro Apk Download Android App (26 MB)

Latest Version

Version 1.3.3 (10330)
Updated Aug 16, 2021
Developer Jojaa Science and Information Co., Ltd.
ID com.vmos.pro
Installs 100,000+
Category Apps Apk

What is VMOS Pro?

VMOS is a software that allows one-click root access. VMOS can be installed as a standard application for Linux or Android using VM technology.

VMOS Pro Features:

  • [Security Protection] A mobile device, not limited to machine learning, can meet development and testing requirements without worrying about the risks of viruses and malware.
  • [Root Permissions] comes with free root services, based on pre-installed XP and Google to meet the different needs of mobile geek fans.

What is The use of VMOS Pro?

VMOS is an Android based operating system that can run any other Android operating system as a host operating system. Users can configure Guest Android VM as an Android operating system.

The operating system that hosts Android VMOS is available in the Google Play Store and other Google apps.

Does VMOS Harm your Phone?

VMOS comes with root by default (rooting only affects the computer system. It does not affect the mobile device), so you can use it as root required without rooting your phone.10-Oct-2021.

Is VMOS Secure?

Finally, we review the security and performance of some cases using testing tools, demonstrating that vmOS can ensure complete security of users’ computers at a low cost.

How Many MB is VMOS?

The total application is about 300 MB. Considering applications installed on VMOS, we recommend at least 2GB of free space on the device.

Is VMOS an Emulator?

VMOS is an application that allows you to install and run the Android operating system on your device.

Does VMOS Require Root?

So Root Now is no longer on your device but just a default ROM, you will also have access without any root, so read the blog and try VMOS unlocker apk or More Root Now.

It simply works as an emulator and you can install another version of Android on your phone without root.

Is Virtual Android Safe?

Running Android Emulators on your PC is pretty cool, safe and accurate. Be careful like normal computer programs and you should succeed.

Is vmos Working for Pokemon Go?

Honestly, using VMOS to hack Pokemon Go can be a bit tricky. While VMOS can be installed on a standard device, a GPS rooting process is required.

In addition to VMOS, you also need other apps to install your Pokemon Go website.

How do I Install Magisk on VMOS?

  1. Install VMOS Pro Terminal Tool v1.
  2. Download magisk.zip and import file to VMOS Pro.
  3. Extract magisk.zip to magisk folder.

Is Vmos Safe 2021?

Using VMOS is very safe as it allows you to create two copies of Android on the same device. In addition, you will be able to create another Android game app using only VMOS.

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