What is a school regulation?

We explain what a school regulation is, its importance in institutions, main characteristics and various examples.

  1. What is a school regulation?

A school regulation is the set of rules , instructions and prohibitions that regulate life within an educational institution , especially those aimed at children or young people. Like any regulation , its fundamental objective is to regulate the coexistence of people and guarantee peace, through a code of conduct adapted to the environment.

School regulations, as the name implies, have their area of ​​action in a school institution, that is, a college, high school, university or educational institute of any nature. Therefore, its rules are valid only within its facilities: in classrooms, hallways, common areas and other similar locations.

All school regulations are based on school discipline . It is also very important for the correct and peaceful operation of the school institution. It provides teachers, administrative staff and students with a common framework of guidelines , that is, a set of laws, according to which they govern themselves during their stay in the institution.

This does not mean that while in school the laws of the Republic are suspended, nor can they be contradicted, since any school regulation has a legitimacy inferior to those of the laws established in the National Constitution.

  1. Characteristics of a regulation

Regulations, in general, are characterized by:

  • Be written, complete and explicit normative codes, which establish behavioral guidelines that must be followed by members of a community or who enter a specific location.
  • Have a specific area of ​​influence or action, generally restricted to a delimited location or a specific area.
  • Consisting of parts or sections , which establish: basic principles, explicit norms, recognized authorities and mechanisms to solve problems , as well as possible punishments and consequences for those who violate the norms.
  • Be subject to the laws of the nation, that is, at no time to go against the law.
  1. Examples of school regulations

The following are real examples of school regulations:

  • School regulations of the Schools of the City of Buenos Aires (Argentina).
  • Internal regulations of the Goethe School Association.
  • School regulation of the secondary level of the San Carlos School (Argentina).
  • Regulation of rights and obligations of the student, and letter of commitment from the parent or guardian, at Prof. Alberto C. Culebro High School (Mexico).
  • Internal regulations and school coexistence of Manquecura Colleges (Chile).
  • School regulations of the University of Colima (Mexico).

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