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Samsung 7 series vs 8 series with comparison table

We explain Samsung 7 series vs 8 series with difference table. Samsung is a Korea-based company that specializes in electronic products. It has been on the market since the 1960s and continues to grow to this day. Samsung manufactures everything from mobile phones and tablets to washing machines and air conditioners. Samsung launched its line of LED TVs in 2010 and it is considered one of the best. samsung 7 series vs 8 series

Samsung also includes a line of high definition (HD) televisions. They design sleek, modern televisions with several great features. Smart TVs are also part of these. The best models in this line are the Samsung Series 7 and Samsung Series 8 televisions. samsung 7 series vs 8 series

What is Samsung Series7?

Samsung Series 7 are high-end TV models in the high-definition TV lineup. They have a 3,000,000: 1 contrast ratio, which is excellent compared to other TVs in the same category from different brands. Image quality is determined by the contrast ratio of a television. samsung 7 series vs 8 series

Contrast ratio can also be improved by local LED dimming. Local LED dimming helps to incorporate a black-hued color on the screen similar to what we see when the television is off, by turning off some of the lights. This is not applicable on a 7 Series TV. samsung 7 series vs 8 series

The 7 Series has a 120Hz refresh rate. This means fewer frames will appear in a minute than its high-end counterpart. This can be clearly seen in high speed images or videos such as those from a sports game. Each frame will not fit on the 7 Series TV screen.

A 7 Series TV has three HDMI ports for connectivity with different channels and is also very reasonably priced.

What is Samsung Series8?

The Samsung 8 Series television models are the upgraded versions of the 7 Series. All are HD LED televisions. With a contrast ratio of 8,000,000: 1, the 8 Series provides better image quality. samsung 7 series vs 8 series

8 Series TVs have local LED dimming inside. Therefore, they show great image quality even in dark frames. The black color will be more visible to you with the local LED dimming.

These TVs also have twice the refresh rate of Series 7 TVs. It means that Series 8 TVs can display more frames in one minute or one second compared to Series 7. You will be able to capture every movement that takes place. in a fraction of a second.

Unlike the 7 Series, the 8 Series TVs have 4 HDMI ports. There are more features in Samsung Series 8 than in Samsung Series 7. This also means that Series 8 TVs are more expensive than previous versions. samsung 7 series vs 8 series

Difference between Samsung Series 7 and Samsung Series 8 with table

The difference between the Samsung Series 7 and the Series 8 televisions is the reduced contrast ratio in the Series 7. The contrast ratio in a Series 7 television is 3,000,000: 1, while the Series television 8 has a contrast ratio of 7,000,000: 1. This means that an 8 Series television can provide better images than the 7 Series. Contrast can be seen especially in dark images that are displayed with better quality on an 8 series television. Series 8.

Comparison table between Samsung Series 7 and Samsung Series 8

Comparison parameters Samsung Series 7 Samsung 8 Series
Contrast ratio The 7 Series models have a lower contrast ratio. The 8 Series models have a better contrast ratio.
LEDs It has no local dimming LED. Have local dimming LEDs.
Auto Motion Plus Have the 120 Hz plus automatic movement on the models. Have the 240 Hz plus automatic movement on models.
HDMI ports It has 3 HDMI ports. It has 4 HDMI ports.
Price The lowest priced model range. The highest price range of models.

Key differences between Samsung Series 7 and Samsung Series 8

  1. The 7 Series has a lower contrast ratio than the 8 Series models. Therefore, the image quality is better in the 8 Series.
  2. Samsung Series 8 TVs have local LED dimming, while Series 7 TVs do not. samsung 7 series vs 8 series
  3. Samsung 7 Series TVs have 120 Hz Auto motion plus instead of the Series 8 240 Hz. This means that Series 8 TVs can capture more movement on the screen clearly, unlike Series 7 TVs.
  4. The Samsung 7 Series models have 3 HDMI ports, while the 8 Series models have 4 HDMI ports. Series 8 TVs have more room for connectivity than Series 7.
  5. The 8 Series models are more expensive than the 7 Series.

Final Thought

Samsung is a known and trusted brand throughout the world. They provide the best features in electronic devices at a reasonable price. The same is true when we talk about Samsung TVs. Televisions have been improved several times over the years and new and updated versions of them keep popping up with cool new features. samsung 7 series vs 8 series

Series 7 and 8 have slight differences in features, but are similar in design and structure. According to your budget, choosing the right option for you is the most important thing. The 8 Series is the more advanced version in Samsung’s high definition LED TV lineup than the 7 Series.

The 8 Series has a much brighter screen and experiences less motion blur than a 7 Series model. The 8 Series model also supports gaming, but is a bit thicker than the 7 Series TV. models, also have some problems. The reflection is quite high on the models and therefore causes a glare.

A few minor issues aside, the Samsung Series 7 and 8 models are excellent products from the company. Both have 4K resolution and can be connected to the Wi-Fi network and used as a Smart TV. There are various features like screen mirroring and game modes that make them superior to the other models on the market.

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