Difference between Roman Catholic and Catholic with table

Difference between Roman Catholic and CatholicWe explain the difference between Roman Catholic and Catholic with table. Christianity is said to be the oldest religion in the world, started around the 1st century and is still traditionally practiced. The population that follows Christianity is the largest in the world, they constitute about 33% of the world’s population.

The history of Christianity can be traced back to Jesus Christ, when Christ died, his 12 apostles spread his teachings and messages to the world. What became known as Christianity. With the teaching, a common center of worship developed that is known as the church.

When Christianity began, it is believed that they had only one church, and there was no difference of opinions, teachings, beliefs, etc., but this unity was broken when the opinion of making a headquarters that would represent Christians in a particular place and they would teach the teachings of Christianity.

In this case a conflict of ideas arose and the population of Christianity divided into many smaller groups. Some of them believed that the church should be built in Rome and others believed that the church should be built in Constantinople, the people who believe in building a church in Rome called themselves Roman Catholics and the rest are known as Orthodox Catholics.

These groups were further divided due to internal conflict of ideas and differences of faith and yet, differences within Christianity prevail.

The difference is the difference in their beliefs and ideas. Both are part of Christianity, but the Roman Catholic is a larger section of the group compared to the Catholic.

Roman Catholics and Catholics Comparison Table

Roman Catholic comparison parameters

Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary Believe He does not believe
Change in original writing Changes made I made no changes
Purgatory Believe He does not believe
Canon as law Go on Not follow
The authority of the pope or bishop Believe He does not believe

What is Roman Catholic?

Roman Catholic is a group within Christianity that follows the Roman Catholic Church. Their beliefs and ideas contain the practice of following Saint Peter and his teachings.

Saint Peter, as one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ and a Roman Catholic, believes in the authority of the Bishop of Rome and the Pope, and they are carried out through the ordination and successors of Peter and the Apostles.

As the Pope is the successor of Peter, he is considered the vicar of Christ. Roman Catholics affirm the authenticity of the church and believe that the Roman Catholic Church is the only, holy, catholic and apostolic that possesses all the properties of a true church of Jesus Christ.

Roman Catholics believe that the Roman Catholic Church follows the correct path shown by Jesus Christ and that it is even mentioned in the Bible and other holy books. they believe in purgatory according to which the soul needs to be purified to enter heaven, otherwise the soul deserves to be in hell.

The average cult of Catholics includes the celebration of the mass Eucharist, which is the commemoration of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and his resurrection. The other requirements of Roman Catholics include baptism, penance, marriage, anointing, confirmation, and holy orders. Roman Catholics are believers in the Canon as law.

Roman Catholics are believers in the Virgin Mary and other saints, they believe in the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary, her relics are included in prayers and they are made to intercede before God. The Roman Catholic Church is one of the largest organizations in the world.

What is Catholic?

The term Catholic means Orthodox and therefore the believers of Catholics are also known as Catholic or Greek Orthodox. Its origin can be traced when the group split and people who did not join the Roman Catholic became Catholic to the Greek Orthodox.

Their practices are different from those of Roman Catholics and that is why there are beliefs. They believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God. They believe in the Bible and consider it to be the error-free words of Jesus Christ, but they do not include some books of the Bible, which are included in the Roman Catholic Bible.

They believe that the words of Christ should remain unchanged and therefore they do not consider any changes in scripture and follow traditional Christianity. They do not believe in change or in any addition to the Scriptures.

Catholics do not believe in the Virgin Mary theory and rather think that she was mortal and was already ready to give birth to Christ. Unlike Roman Catholics, Catholics do not believe in the canon as law. Canon is a set of laws ordered by the Church. They don’t believe in any authority like the Pope.

Catholics even believe that every soul after death goes to the house of the dead, to hades, and waits for Christ to rise again. And once the body rises, all the souls will join it. And so, don’t believe in purgatory.

Main differences between Roman Catholic and Catholic

  • The Roman Catholic is the largest group compared to the Catholic or Greek Orthodox groups.
  • Roman Catholics believe in canon as law where Catholics hours do not support the existence of canon as law.
  • Roman Catholics have bishops and popes as authorities, while Catholics do not believe in any kind of papal authority.
  • The immaculate Roman Catholic of the conception of the Virgin Mary on the other hand the Catholic believed that she was mortal and was already prepared to carry Christ.
  • Roman Catholics believe in purgatory and the purification of the soul; on the contrary, Catholics do not believe in purgatory.
  • Roman Catholics have made some additions to the original Bible, while Catholics believe the scriptures have not changed, and they did not make any additions to the original Bible.

Final Thought

Roman Catholic and Catholic are two different sects within Christianity, but over time the originality of the differences has greatly diminished. The Roman Catholic and the Catholic have different leaves, ideas and faith that must be considered by Christianity. They both believe in Jesus Christ as the trinity, but they follow different paths to get to God.

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