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Mergical Apk is a casual arcade game where you build and connect the elements and immerse yourself in a magical world full of secrets and great ideas. Once installed, you can explore and protect your beautiful city. Magic. Turn it into a magical fairy tale.

You can rebuild the city with your thoughts and dreams. Your task is to use music to slowly break spells and release different objects and characters to help you complete the mission as quickly as possible. Synthesize items to unlock new areas, improve your skills and abilities, and slowly return ancient beauty to the magical world.

Welcome to Magical Fantasy! A mysterious land is full of magical ideas. Here you can explore lost worlds, and create and shape any island you want! Perfect jigsaw and builder. A beautiful city covered in thick clouds. You, who happened to come to this earth with the power of music, can awaken the earth and return it to its original form with your fusion and mystery-solving skills.

With your skill and effort, you can collect ancient tombs, exotic plants, and flowers, and works of art (houses, amusement parks, mobile parks, etc.). Meanwhile, there is a cute cat-like magical creature waiting to wake up. As soon as you wake up, they’ll be best friends to rebuild the island! Are you ready to build your dream home? Now is the perfect time to start!

Download Mergical APK

Download Mergical APK

APK Information:

  • App By:
    Betta Games
  • Version:
    v1.2.103 for Android
  • Updated On:
    Dec 13, 2022

About Mergical Apk

Mergical Apk is a casual arcade game with strategy elements that takes you to a fantasy island. In the story, an evil witch cast a spell on this place and disappeared under a dense cloud. To solve the situation, the user needs the hero’s help. With them, you have to synthesize and improve supporting elements and construct buildings. The island will gradually heal, but your character can improve useful skills and abilities.

A casual game that invites you to explore a beautiful and enchanting island surrounded by dense clouds thanks to the magic of a powerful sorceress. Your mission is to restore this fantasy land to its former glory with the help of friendly characters.

The gameplay of Margical is relatively simple. Create a new item by matching 3 similar items on the map. This rule applies to everyone. Combine 3 small bushes to form a tree. A complete musical note is created when three notes are mixed together. And whoever gathers three gardeners will be a good gardener.

New areas may be introduced as you continue to play and explore the magical world. There are over 500 different objects that can be manipulated, cataloged, and viewed at any time. There are also dozens of characters who help you and give you all sorts of new abilities.

It’s a super fun casual game that offers simple and accessible gameplay so you can play with confidence. The game also has great graphics, allowing you to decorate your fantasy world however you like.

Mergical Apk Features 

Build your own island

When you start the game for the first time you have a small island that is very old because nothing has been installed yet, so you can make the island more beautiful. Do your best to renovate it to make it an ideal place for tourists. You will find that there are many squares available on the floor and you can place objects in these squares to create a feeling of relaxation rather than tightness.

The Mergical and fun match island game will have many levels to freely explore and conquer other islands. You can plant plants and flowers in buildings, parks, or anywhere

The game is suitable for different systems

Mergical App is a fun game about discovering new lands and bringing them prosperity. The game can run stably on a medium configuration system, so everyone can try it. It doesn’t have too many components to hinder players’ experience and doesn’t take up too much storage space.

The game currently has over a million installs, which can be considered a definite hit. It was a fun experience to see the positive response and appreciation from the players. Also, the publisher is constantly improving their product and ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

Realistic and mysterious graphics

In Marzikal you have your own territory and organize it as you wish. In other words, you renovate and decorate it to make it look better. Beautifully designed areas and characters impress the player. In addition, it is a factor that makes them curious and inquisitive.

Every gamer wants this country to shine to show prosperity. One notable thing about this game is that these lands don’t always have green grass and trees grow there. As the game progresses you will also see the land drying up and being pushed to bring it back to normal. However, the game is only open to their own players and there will be clouds elsewhere.

Simple gameplay requires accurate calculations

Marzikal’s gameplay is simple, anyone can easily get into it and it doesn’t require much skill. There will be a game screen where there are solid and similar plants. It’s your responsibility to bring them together and train them to instantly transform into a new form.

You will do this consistently to be able to complete the task. We shouldn’t just mix trees; You must meet the requirements for this level. In particular, each screen requires placement, such as ensuring the number of trees formed by specific trees. It can be called a game mode in which you have to think carefully to complete the game screen mission: elements of the island can be combined while moving to another place.

Decorate the house as you wish

Complete the levels to find objects and plants to add to your home landscape. These elements appear together and even overlap, so you can combine them to create something new. You will decorate and complete the levels in parallel.

Since you are the owner of this island, you will manage things on this land as you wish. Magic offers players moments of carefree fun and a beautiful world. You will monitor and improve your country.

During the game, you will face many problems such as the parched landscape and the desire to expand your holdings in cloud-covered areas. With its simple gameplay, any player can join in, but each level requires a challenge to complete.

Many adventures and puzzles

A large number of adventures and puzzles are available to you right at the beginning of your magical journey. All puzzles are original and you will wonder how to pass them. It’s also a gaming adventure of sorts and part of a larger adventure, which is the game.

Don’t stop there and solve all the tasks given to you by the authors, collect old books and beautiful gadgets. Complete all missions for three out of three stars and head to this sleepy island! Awaken all regions of the lost land this time and reach the real land of bliss in the Sea of Silence!

graphics and sound

Mergical graphics have a cute cartoon style that evokes love and positive emotions. The game has well-designed environments and locations. Beautiful backgrounds, consistent style, and well-chosen colors will make you smile in every element of the game.

The in-game music is fairly tame, but at the same time “warms ears and hearts” and emphasizes the aspects of the game it’s playing during. The interface is not overloaded with unnecessary elements and will only help you during the game.

The secret of deep sleep

In this magical world that hides magic, many mysteries lie locked. You will find many things in this journey to save the earth. Secrets are hidden and stories have never been told. Make sure you are ready for this amazing new experience. You have to follow the plot, the pages of the city’s history books slowly open for you to explore. Do not hesitate because you have very reliable partners behind you.

Use your creativity however you like

Mergical Apk game is mainly designed for the first player’s creativity as the creator wants to bring the most enjoyable feeling while playing the game. You don’t have to worry about your design being cute because the main goal is to have fun, not compete.

Just arrange everything as minimally and harmoniously as possible, and you will see the perfect difference between before and after decoration. Definitely more beautiful and spectacular because all the wild nature has been replaced with bright colors that cover the surrounding space.

In later levels, your task seems more complicated than rebuilding the island into a vibrant, lively, and really livable city. To build a bustling city, you must have a townhouse. The construction is very simple, but you have to design the interior of each of your houses by buying tables, chairs, cabinets, and some other necessary parts. You must collect enough gold and diamonds to pay for these items each time you complete certain missions.

Important functions ex-works

Mergical games will always have cute and funny characters: girls, boys, or neighbors who have houses or apartments on the islands. Boys and girls will help you with tasks like caring for plants or building houses. Whenever you touch a certain place, the characters will go there and do whatever you want.

It has to be said that the nature of the characters is also important since they help to make the environment more lively and vibrant. The islands not only have residents, but also fascinating tourists. They will bring you a source of income because they have to pay for your visit when they come, which can earn you a lot of money.