Difference between liberal and conservative in tabular form

difference between liberal and conservativeWe explain that what is the difference between liberal and conservative with table. As human beings, we want similar things in life. We want freedom, a chance to prosper in life, and we don’t want to see people suffer either.

We want healthy children who want to live in a crime-free society. The main question is; how do we achieve them.

Most people differ in their opinions on various topics. They can be liberal in some circumstances and conservative in others.

If you pay attention to many of the problems that are happening today, you will notice that conservative ideas align with the concept of equality and liberal ideas align with the concept of fairness. Conservative people support equality.

They always want people to be treated equally, whereas a liberal person generally emphasizes fairness. They want a person’s situation to be taken into account in determining the type of treatment that is granted.

Liberal vs. Conservative Comparison Table (in tabular form)

Comparison parameters Liberal Conservative

Stability Liberals are not comfortable with normality, they are always looking for diversity and will always question the way things are run. Conservatives want to maintain the status quo. They tend to support the authorities because they are more concerned with order.
Morality Liberals worry about whether things are right or wrong and will always stick with the truth. Conservatives will care less whether things are good or bad, as long as the decisions have been made by authorities who are happy with it.
Open to experience Liberals are open to diversity, new ideas, and love a society that is open to change. Conservatives love familiarity and want a traditional and safe society.
Self control Liberals are very ambitious and would like to multitask, so their level of self-control is always on the lower side. Studies show that conservative people are always good at focusing their attention on a cognitive task.
Obedience to authority Liberals always want to operate outside of socially imposed restrictions. Conservatives tend to obey the civil, secular, and respect older family members from childhood.
Social welfare Liberals support long-term welfare to meet the needs of the poor in society. Conservatives are opposed to long-term wellness; they prefer to encourage people to be more independent and to stop depending on the government.

What is liberal?

A liberal is a person or a group of people who believe that the government must act to change policies and political, economic, and ideological constructions that may appear biased.

Liberals believe that parts of a government’s social and political systems are biased towards minorities and disadvantaged people.

These systems must be changed in all circumstances, even if it means restricting some basic freedoms.

They want the government to act and guarantee equality and for everyone to get the same opportunities.

It is the government’s responsibility to protect human rights and freedoms and to ensure that no one suffers from the lack of these.

Liberals insist that the role of government is to solve the problems of its citizens. Liberals generally believe that governments have the power to grant and take rights from their citizens.

What is conservative?

A conservative is a person or a group of people who seeks to safeguard the political, economic and ideological system of a society.

Conservatives believe that cooperation should have the freedom to run their businesses and make a profit without government interference.

Conservatives believe in personal responsibility, restricted government, unfettered markets, and individual freedom. It is the government’s duty to give people the freedom to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.

Conservative politics believe in individual empowerment as a problem-solving approach.

Conservatives generally believe that rights are granted by God, that no one has the authority to take away their rights.

Main differences between liberal and conservative

  1. Conservatives have orderly thought patterns, while liberals have sudden moments of insight.
  2. Liberals accept change very easily, while conservatives are quite resistant to change.
  3. Liberals describe themselves as optimistic and very compassionate towards other people, while conservatives are religious and honorable.
  4. Liberals see inequality as a social problem that the government needs to address Conservatives, on the other hand, are comfortable with it and make no effort to change the situation.
  5. Liberals are more secular, single, more educated, and do not own firearms, while conservatives are more religious, value family life, and own firearms.
  6. If you put it on a political scale, liberals are always said to be on the left, while conservatives are on the right.
  7. Liberals believe that it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that no one is in need, while conservatives believe that government should have the freedom to follow its own dreams.


Both liberals and conservatives believe and agree that people have rights. They only differ on who has the authority to grant these rights.

While conservatives believe that they were born with these rights and no one has the right to take them away, liberals, on the other hand, believe that the government has the right to grant and take these rights away from its people.

Each group knows that they are right in what they believe, therefore it is wise to understand who you are before changing the others.

Liberals seek a deeper understanding of the needs of others. They believe that the authorities are repressive towards the poor and other disadvantaged groups, so they would like to speak for the weak and the oppressed.

Conservatives, on the other hand, do not consider the plight of the poor and only speak for the institutions. They have an independent mindset.

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