What is a Divorce Lawyer?

A divorce attorney is a legal professional who specializes in matters related to divorce, including divorce, dissolution, and annulment. What is a Divorce Lawyer

Many divorce attorneys are family law professionals and focus on a variety of issues related to marriage and family, ranging from adoption to wills. What is a Divorce Lawyer

Generally, people in the process of legal separation are encouraged to hire an attorney who is familiar with the process, to ensure that their legal rights are protected and to promote an amicable settlement, if possible.

A divorce attorney is responsible for drafting the divorce documents. What is a Divorce Lawyer

To become a divorce attorney, an attorney must first attend law school, ideally studying family law topics throughout their education, and qualify to practice law by taking the bar exam.

Most bar exams include a written exam and character assessment to ensure the candidate is morally fit to practice law.

Once qualified, the attorney will seek work in a practice that handles family law matters, gaining practical experience in the field. What is a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce attorneys specialize in issues related to the ending of a marriage.

The first task of a divorce attorney is usually the process of drafting the divorce papers when one of the parties to a divorce approaches you with a request to do so.

In some cases, couples mutually decide to divorce, in which case the couple may approach the attorney for legal assistance, but in a more contentious divorce, the divorce attorney will be consulted by only one party. What is a Divorce Lawyer

The petition for dissolution or divorce can be served on the other party after the person requesting the divorce has drafted and signed it.

A divorce attorney can represent a client in court, particularly in a contentious divorce settlement.

One of the key aspects of this profession is the moderation of an agreement when a couple decides to dissolve a marriage. Part of the agreement will include asset division, child custody discussions, and an alimony and / or child support agreement.

A divorce attorney can also enforce a prenuptial agreement or get involved in other stipulations of the divorce. If, for example, a couple has fertilized stored embryos from infertility treatment, divorce attorneys for both parties would be involved in deciding what happens to those embryos. What is a Divorce Lawyer

A divorce attorney will be consulted if the spouses cannot reach a mutually agreed decision on child custody or other relevant matters. What is a Divorce Lawyer

In the case of a contentious divorce, a divorce attorney can represent a client in court and in specialized family courts that deal with family-related issues such as adoption and child custody.

A divorce attorney can also help his client structure a prenuptial agreement at the beginning of a marriage, ensuring that if the marriage does not end well, many of the legal bases for a reasonably amicable divorce will have been established.

A divorce attorney will help resolve child custody and support issues. What is a Divorce Lawyer

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