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Difference Between Web Application And Client Server Application | Table

What is the difference between web application and client server application? Clients often use applications to perform tasks through the server or through the medium. Two of these applications are the client-server application and the web application. The client-server application is an application that works from the client side to access the remote server for its necessary tasks and requirements. The web application is software that runs on the web server to perform client tasks.

The client-server application is an application that requires to be pre-installed on the client’s desktop or laptop. The server in the client-server application is mainly through an interface or application. Provides the required task that has been assigned by the user through the closest server. A web application is an application that can be run directly from a suitable web browser. The web application can run on multiple platforms at the same time and perform all the task assigned by the client in a systematic format.

The difference is that the client-server application has a two-tire architecture, while the web application has a multi-tire architecture. In the client-server application, security is increasing and fewer security breaches are expected to occur as there are fewer users, however, in the case of the web application it is not as secure as it has too many users and is often hard to keep track of.

Comparison table between client server application and web application

Comparison parameter Client-server application Web Application
Architecture It is made up of two tire architecture. It is made up of a multi-tire architecture.
Interaction The interaction takes place through a user interface or an application. The interaction takes place through a web browser.
Operation Requires pre-installation on the device Can be run directly in proper web browsing
Efficiency You can get overloaded with tasks that decrease performance efficiency. Capable of working on multiple platforms at the same time with fast performance
Biscuits Cookies are not required Cookies are required
safety Less risk as there are fewer users Comparatively high risk as higher number of users

What is the client server application?

What is the client server applicationThe client-server application is a form of computing. The client-server application is software available on the client’s computer that generates requests to a remote server. The client-server application divides tasks and workload between servers and clients, which are either on the same system or communicate over a computer network over the Internet. The client depends on sending a request to other programs, to access a service performed by the server.

The clients of their respective devices request a file or an application from the remote server, the server then listens to the request made by the client and verifies the credentials, if everything is accepted, then the requested file or application is delivered to the client. The communication between the client and the user is a two-way communication. The server can connect to the client to make sure the client has the necessary update or when the client requires something. Once the server has done its work, it loses connection with the client to save the link to the network space.

Client-server communications are usually allowed by the TCP / IP protocol. Requests made by the client are organized and prioritized in a scheduling format, which in turn helps to cope with receiving requests. The most popular client server applications are email, the worldwide web, and network printing. In the client-server application, data can be accessed efficiently even if the client server is not nearby.

What is a web application?

What is a web applicationThe web application is also known as a web application. It is application software that runs on a web server. The client accesses the web application through a web browser with an active internet connection to perform tasks. The web application allows companies a cost effective way of communication to exchange information. Makes transactions fast, safe and secure.

The web application needs a web server to handle the requests made by the client. It often saves the required information requested by the customer to perform the task efficiently. The user requests particular data or information from the web server over the Internet, the web server then forwards the request to the required web application server.

Then the web application performs the requested tasks and generates the result of the requested task and sends the results of the task to the web server. The web server then communicates with the client and displays the information.

The web application includes a variety of things, such as online forms, shopping carts, file scanning, file conversion, etc. The web application can run on various platforms until the browser is suitable. All clients have a similar version. Communication in a web application is accessible from anywhere.

Key Differences

  1. The client-server application has a two-tire architecture, while the web application consists of a multi-tire application.
  2. The interaction between the client and the server is carried out through the user interface or the application, while for the web application it occurs through a web browser.
  3. The client-server application must be pre-installed on the client device here, as for the web application it can be run directly in a stable web browser.
  4. The client-server application does not require cookies to function, however, for the web application, it requires cookies to function.
  5. The client-server application is a safe place if there are fewer users and therefore less risk. For the web application, the risk is considerably higher as there are more users.

Final Thought

The client-server application and the web applications are two applications that connect the client and the server to perform client tasks. These two applications are very different from each other and can be broadly classified.

The client-server application is a two-tire architecture that connects the client and the server through a user interface. It has to be installed on the customer’s device beforehand for it to work. The web application is a multi-user application that connects the user and the server through the web application. To do this, it can work on any stable web browser.

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