What is death?

We explain what death is, what this process implies according to religions and the meanings of this term in various fields.

  1. What is death?

The term death means the end of life , that is, when an organism or living being ceases to have vital signs.

The word death has always been feared by all people , this is due to its meaning, for some it is the end of existence, for others it is the beginning of eternal life. Death means the end of a living body that had been created from birth . According to different religions, death means:

  • Christianity : For Christians to die means the separation of body and soul, that is, life does not end because a body no longer serves, but continues in the best way, with its soul, it will be judged by the good and bad acts done during life . Once this process ends, the soul goes to heaven or hell. For Christians, death is the path from earthly life to God himself.
  • Muslim religion : In the Muslim religion, death means the same as for Christians, their souls will be judged for their deeds. The difference is that they do not believe they will go to hell because their prophet, Muhammad, will intervene in the condemnation.
  • Hinduism : Then there is Hinduism, this religion has more than 700 million believers and followers. For them, death does not mean the end of earthly life and the beginning of eternal life in paradise or hell, like Christians or Muslims. When a person dies, he will begin a new life with reincarnation, that is, his soul will return to this world and not in another human body necessarily, it can be in animals as well. What determines in which you will reincarnate is Karma with the result of your actions.
  • Buddhism : For Buddhists life has a lot of suffering, its cause is desire, so it must be fought following the Eightfold path, that is, effort, life, behavior , conscience, aspirations, concentration and vision .

Death in medicine means that a person ceases to exist because their functions and vital signs begin to be void . This branch of science also speaks of the very named brain death, in medical terms it is called brain death. This occurs when the brain stops functioning completely and irreversibly.

Because these types of problems of health and others, called “dignified death” arises. It is a process that ends the life of a sick person to end their suffering . This explanation seems sufficient for many people, however there have always been debates by others who disagree in making such decisions. In a large number of countries this process is totally prohibited, as it is considered a homicide.

For religious people this should not be allowed because the only one who can decide when it is time for our death is God, he is the only one who knows why things happen and if a person has had to go through these circumstances. , it must go through them because it is the Lord’s plan and must be respected. No human being can decide on the life or death of another.

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