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Download Daruka Gear APK latest v3.2.3 for Android

Download Daruka Gear APK latest v3.2.3 for Android

This Daruka Gear Apk list is divided into different levels based on the strength, dexterity, rarity and stats of each character’s gear that you find in the game. Of the two, Battle Squad’s biggest selling point is its dedicated gear.

SSR Level (Super Special Rare) – All characters in this game Among his gear, this SSR level has the best characters. In other words, the character’s equipment is no more. They’re the best in every way, and with level 1 character gear in the game, they’re easy to beat.

SR Level (Super Rare) – The equipment associated with this level is moderately powerful. That being said, it’s not as good as S-rank equipment, but what is the next best equipment for a character after SSR? Now that you mention it, next is equipment for SR-level characters.

Tier R (Rare) – Compared to SSR and SR, tier rare gear isn’t much because it’s the weakest gear you’ll find in the game. So if you use R-Tier Gears in your game, your chances of winning are very slim.

Level N (Normal) – There are no special gears at this level, only automatic gears. However, it is not appropriate to include or use them in wars, as they have no use.

Since you’ve already read this introduction to Daruka Gear, you should go ahead and find the best gear in this game to use and ensure victory.

Download Daruka Gear APK

Download Daruka Gear APK

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    v3.2.3 for Android
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    Dec 13, 2022

About Daruka Gear Apk

If you play online a lot, you might get bored with the same old fighting games. We recommend buying Daruka Gear Apk. The mod menu is filled with small fonts that will immediately catch your attention.

Online fighting games have many rules that players don’t like. With this, gamers are looking for platforms to play on. It is a safe online game that meets people’s needs without asking for anything in return. You will also love our Midnight Paradise, Arknights, Tenkafuma, and many more mods.

With the discovery of the mineral Lucite, humans were able to derive pure energy from pure sexual desire and usher in a new era of science. During the next wave of technological advances, “Daruka Gear” was also created, leading to a never-ending power struggle between the nymph states. A century later, this conflict between the three superpowers continues.

In this world, players take on the role of Akram, a prince who was unjustly imprisoned in a foreign land as a child. But as he grows up and returns to his homeland of Lantis, he learns of his father’s secret experiences… As Akram overcomes the shame inflicted on him by his holy guardians, it becomes a bad habit and spawns something that smacks revenge.

It’s up to players to make up lost ground and save anyone who stands in their way. Your old friends and enemies must succumb to your evil behavior and join your cause to conquer the world.

Welcome to the world of Daruka Gear, where beautiful female robot drivers are called Serkis. No matter how cute or sexy they are, your goal is to capture them, train them at will and use them to give you power and pleasure.

Each Senki has its own personality, physical attributes, and ability to excel and deteriorate in 2D and 3D visuals that can be viewed from any angle. Use immorality, BDSM, or publicly humiliate them to destroy their self-esteem.

Nymphs have a lot to contend with, so use Senki’s unique gear to your advantage. Each month Daruka Gear Apk gets a new story, 3D and 2D content that looks very realistic and includes limited-time events based on real holidays and new Senki erotic scenes, skins, and collectibles.

Daruka Gear Apk Features 

  • Use sex machines, parasites, and other evil tools in your Senki training sessions!
  • Follow her desires ~ don’t wait for her orgasms!
  • It doesn’t matter if she is a beautiful bride or a beautiful whore, dirty lolita, or a proud princess!
  • Drown them all in corruption.

Full 3D CG and 360° camera angle

HD 3D graphics. Close-up humiliation and torture with 360-degree camera angles

Funny story and plot development

Lead your Senki team behind the wheel of Daruka Gear and stop evil monsters! Use your power to turn these girls into submissive dogs~

A wide range of dresses and sinks to meet all your needs

Use fake dark techniques like “Purple Mode”, “Vom Implant Mode” and more for better fighting skills! Build your perfect team by collecting SSR Senkis and Gears!

Use training tools to turn your ideas into reality

Bring your old S&M experiences to life with hundreds of new tool combos! Brainwashing room, electric chair, metal balls? ! A sex machine for all tastes and sensations. Under your ruthless leadership, your Senki will fall even further into corruption!

Additional Features 

  •  Conquer the nymphs by capturing and training Senki in your harem.
  • From sweet and innocent to sexy and mature, a plethora of female beauties satisfies every desire and sensuality.
  • 3D hentai animation with 360° customizable views to enjoy from all angles.