Kinds Of Dance With Examples And Definition

We explain what dance is and what are the first historical records of these expressions. Characteristics and types of dances.

  1. What is Dance (Definition)?

Dance is one of the most ancient bodily expressions that characterizes the history of the human being . It is the mainly corporal expression that accompanies an acoustic rhythm . In this way, we find that dance is said to be “ the language of the body ”.

The concept of dance comes from the old French dance . It consists of a sequence of body movements that rhythmically accompany the music. Likewise, dance is understood as a means of expression and communication .

Records of this type of human expression were found at all times and on different continents , although over time its meaning and meanings , as well as the ways of carrying it out, changed . In prehistory it was danced to the beat of the sounds of nature , which would later be accompanied by palms, the clash of the feet or by poles, which would later be evolved into musical instruments. Finally the voice would be incorporated. These primitive dances were passionate and therefore totally spontaneous.

The dances are characteristic of the culture that performs it, in this way we find differences in the different types of dances according to the society in which it is performed.

This is also the reason why millions of tourists move to visit particular areas where regional dances are colorful and provide a characteristic expression of the place. As for example the samba, the African percussion dances or the dances that accompany the Japanese theater.

Currently dance is synonymous with dance , it is an art form with various purposes such as fun, artistic or religious, it always involves human interaction.

Dance is understood more deeply as an  expression of internal emotions , in which the intention of communicating them is pursued through gestural movements.

This artistic expression has its own rules and fundamental steps that must be respected for its execution, these require training and of course the particular quality of each of the dancers. In this same way the dance is characterized by having its own clothing made to allow the movement of the dancers.

  1. Kinds of dance

There were many types of dances and dance genres, these are generally classified into three major groups:

  • Folk dances. They are those that are based on the transmission of traditional culture. They express the values ​​of a particular culture, its contextual elements such as the characteristics of its environment , land, animals, and vegetation. Among them are flamenco, tango, Arabic dance or so-called ballroom dancing.
  • Classical dances. They are a product inherited from ancient times, mainly in the classic period of medieval antiquity, but which has undergone changes through time until today. These dances are mainly identified because those who perform the movements do so taking into account harmonious and lightly coordinated foundations. Within this category, ballet dance, among others.
  • Modern dances. They are generally practiced by young people and carry a whole type of social identity through the way of understanding life and even dressing. Among these are popping, funky, breackdance, jumpstyle, hip hop or even rock and roll.

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