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Allmovieland APK is an entertainment app designed for you to enjoy movie content and other things it has to offer. Movies listed in this app are expensive on open market and/or other apps like Netflix etc.

The Allmovieland has a bar system that offers you the movie of the day to watch or you can choose your favorite movie from the search bar. You have the option to choose the content you want for yourself.

Netflix, Main Video or any other movie source is bugging you, right? So that? Because they need money or your time to view ads. The reason why we choose many online apps to watch movies is the above mentioned reason but when we choose such apps for free, we have security problem or we need to login with our social accounts which again compromise our safety and privacy. .

To solve these and other problems, the developers of the software have developed an application called Allmovieland APK that will allow you to watch any type of movie anytime, anywhere.

Allmovieland APK is safe, free, without registration or login to another social network, and provides you with the best entertainment experience. The reason why we suggest you download this app is because it has a huge collection of different categories of movies, from classics to fiction as well as non-fiction and reality-based movies.

Allmovieland APK v1.9 download mobile app

 Download Allmovieland APK

Download Allmovieland APK v1.9 Free for android mobile app.

More about Allmovieland Apk

One of the main things that fascinates me about this app is that the content it offers has a variety that can satisfy any type of person and any movie buff. You can have Allmovieland APK on any device you use so you can have it on a static device like TV or other portable device like mobile phone, laptop or any other portable device.

The app gives you the ability to download any content you want to your mobile phone after the app is disabled and watch movies when you don’t have any internet type or source. The app has thousands of movies and has become contagious these days. This app has helped a lot those who cannot afford basic TV, Netflix etc.

Allmovieland Apk Additional Information

Name Allmovieland Apk
Updated May 16, 2023
Developer MR-DEAN
ID com.allmovieland
Installs 100,000+

Key Features of the Allmovieland APK

Here are some notable features of the app that have made it so fun and easy to use;

Free app for android users

Unlike other competitors, this app offers you free entertainment. The app was an alternative to Netflix etc.

Safe and reliable

User safety is a priority for developers. That’s why you feel free and safe when using the app.

No registration required

No messy login or registration is required, so feel free to use it by simply downloading the app.

Slow net speed

the app, unlike other apps of its kind, requires much less internet to function.


The application is easy to use because it is very easy to use and also compatible with the software and hardware of your device.

More Languages

the app has multiple languages to use at the same time, so switch the language as you like.
special sections; the app has dedicated sections for any type of movie you want to watch.

How to Download & Install the Allmovieland Apk for Android?

This unique feature ensures that users are always protected. If you can’t download this app from the Google Play Store, you can always download it from this website. Follow the instructions below to install this app on your Android devices before using the suggestion.

  • Open “Unknown sources” in Settings. After that, go to the Security section and enable the Security option.
  • Go to the download manager on your Android device and click on the IPTV Playlist button. Now is the time to get it.
  • There are two options on the mobile screen. There are two ways to install the operating system and you just need to flash it on your Android device.
  • You will see a popup of options on your phone screen. You have to wait a little bit for it to come out.
  • After all the downloads and installations are done, just click on the “Open” option and open your mobile device screen.


Since every reason to use the app is given, I think we should try to ensure that the entertainment is actually funded. You don’t need any other mobile app or movie source if you have this Allmovieland APK.

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