Will nofollow waste PR and weight?

Using nofollow to control PR flow is no longer useful, and it didn’t work from a year ago. Matt Cutts revealed this at the SMX conference not long ago. Even worse, nofollow wastes PR and weight. Maybe the blog will close the comment later. But don’t have to act rashly first.

I did not expect to cause some controversy, so I would like to clarify.

On the 7th, I saw the blog post of Alibaba SEO Guoping and his message on my blog. He thought that I misunderstood the meaning of Matt Cutts and misled others. I didn’t want to respond because I belonged to the normal words. A friend told me on the 9th that Guo Ping also posted a post at the Point Stone Forum, which seems to have caused some controversy. In order to reduce the misinformation that Guo Ping said, I think it is a simple response.

First of all, what I said is “using nofollow to control PR flow is no longer useful”, not nofollow does not work. Nofollow is not abolished, of course, it still plays its original role, that is to tell the search engine that the link does not follow, which will naturally affect the inclusion and SEO. There should be no disagreement on this point. Unless I have to misunderstand me.

The second point is also the focus of Guoping’s post. For me, “nofollow will waste PR and weight”, he thinks it is wrong.

Quote a section of his blog post explaining the words of Matt Cutts:

This means that you have a page with a PR value of 10 points and 10 links in this page. Before nofollow, each link is assigned a PR value of 1 point. If you nofollow off 5 of these links, you think that the remaining 5 links can be assigned to a PR of 2 points, but in reality, each link can only be assigned a 1 point PR value.

The explanation is correct. The main reason that Matt Cutts revealed this time is this. It is recommended to read the above sentence again.

My question is, isn’t this saying that “nofollow will waste PR and weight”?

You have 10 votes to vote for, if there are 10 links, one link and one vote. Now add 5 links to nofollow, the remaining 5 links don’t have two votes, but still get 1 vote, so a total of 5 votes.

What about the remaining 5 votes? Don’t forget, this page has 10 votes. Isn’t that a waste of 5 votes? Or to put it another way, the 5 votes, no, disappeared, evaporated, and disappeared… As far as my understanding of Chinese is concerned, I feel that it is a waste of 5 votes, which is completely meaning.

To put it another way, if the 5 nofollow links are not nofollow links, there are two cases:

1) The 5 places are not links. Then these 10 votes will be cast to the remaining 5 links, each with 2 votes.

2) The 5 places are ordinary links. Then return to normal, 10 links, each with 1 vote. These 10 votes will either increase the PR and weight of other pages on the site, enter a positive loop, or increase the PR and weight of other website pages. In short, there are 10 votes and 10 votes are cast.

Originally there were 10 votes, only 5 votes were cast out, and the other 5 tickets disappeared. I think I still think that I can only use waste to describe it. To be honest, I didn’t understand Guoping’s logic from “nofollow useful” to “nofollow will not waste PR and weight”.

Guo Ping also mentioned in the post of the Dianshi Forum:

“Maybe the blog will close the comment later.” It is also wrong.

This is just a sigh of my feelings. I really have no suggestion or prophecy that everyone wants to close the comment. Blogs are a type of social media. Although they are outdated, they are still social. Since it is social, how can I close the comment just because of a little nofollow question? We are not the People’s Daily, how can we close the comment?

Finally, the last sentence of my original words is “but don’t have to act rashly first,” why? Because I don’t believe that the role of nofollow and the flow of PR and weight are what Google itself has said, and we generally understand it.

In any case, this kind of debate is welcome, which is good for the individual, the reader, and the industry. The Chinese SEO industry is relatively lacked of communication and controversy. Two years ago, everyone was keen on writing SEO blogs, and no one has written them yet. I also changed from one post to one or two per month. I am fighting for recovery next year.

This week, I will perform in Singapore. I suddenly thought that MJ and Teresa Teng, Anita Mui, and Leslie Cheung could form a group in another world. They were all young and died. They were all superstars.

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