Why is there no three letters of SEO in the headline of the interactive stone homepage?

I am often asked if there is no SEO three letters in the headline of the interactive stone homepage, but are good rankings in Baidu and Google when searching for SEO?

The actual title of the stone home page is 4 words: the point stone interaction, can be seen from the title part of the HTML code, never changed. The titles displayed in Baidu and Google search results are often added, as shown in the following figure, because Baidu and Google think that the display is more relevant and the user experience is better:

Take a few small questions to review.

Why do you have no SEO?

At the beginning, our four people discussed the establishment of the point stone interaction is actually very casual and hasty, did not think about to make a name in the SEO industry, did not think about to get the ranking in the “SEO” keyword. From the first day to the present, we have never mentioned anyone how to put the word “SEO” on.

The most time to set up a stone flower was to name and think about the domain name. It took about 5 or 6 hours to discuss it on MSN. To this day, I still think that the name of the stone that seems to be unrelated to SEO and the seemingly indecent domain name of dunsh are the best choice. Other things are decided in 10 minutes: the platform is a blog, so choose WordPress; the host is here, the WP I installed, the column and my own SEO are almost the same every day (later there are more differences); URL statics are free of any other plugins or special handling, optimizations, and are readily available in WordPress; then they are opened.

If you have used WordPress, you should know that the title of the homepage is the name of the blog, so the title of the stone home page is our name “point stone interaction”. If you want to change the title of the home page or other pages, you need to add plugins. At that time, I didn’t think so much. I didn’t add plugins, and I didn’t want to change the title.

So why is the ranking still good when searching for SEO?

The reason is nothing more than old qualifications, content-related, high quality, good external chain, everything is natural, and it is a well-deserved authority in the industry – seemingly boring explanation? Whoever tries to copy it will know how hard it is to do this.

Considering the activity level of the point stone, the ranking of the point stone is still quite strong enough. When I wrote this, I went to the stone to look at it. The latest post was actually in August last year, and the previous one was actually the year before. It’s gone.

What happens to the stone home page plus SEO three letters?

My estimate is that it won’t be like it. Maybe the ranking will increase by one or two, but that’s it. There won’t be a qualitative change, and it won’t climb to the first and second. Although title is very important, the word SEO is not affected by title.

Why don’t you try to add SEO three letters?

As mentioned above, I did not think about this issue when I was founded. After the establishment, it soon became the banner of the industry, but it could not be added. In addition, the effect is likely to run counter to the natural, reasonable and white SEO we advocate. Novices may think that the stone is not to promote overall optimization, not to entangle in a certain keyword? Do you want to do something with a stone? This kind of thing, even if we give a good explanation, is also unclear.

In the past few years, it is even more unnecessary to add now. First, plus it will not be how. Second, no, SEO rankings are still so good, this is more cattle, huh, huh. Third, if it is added, the ranking will rise to the first place. What do we want to do first?

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