Who is your customer?

When we started to form the stone, we really didn’t think about the issue of commercialization. There are no plans for commercialization until now. However, there are more people to ask, and sometimes I will think about it.

The current focus on the people of the stone is not the customer base that the stone commercialization can rely on. One of the goals of any business activity is to satisfy customers and consider how to attract potential customers.

Before you do, figure out who is your customer.

Now readers of Dianshi and readers of this blog should be mostly interested in SEO and online marketing, many of whom are practitioners. It should be said that if we really want to commercialize, this group is not the target market for finding many customers.

The widest range of SEO customers are ordinary corporate companies and individuals who own their own websites and want to promote their websites, but have not even heard of the term search engine optimization.

I forgot to see two examples from which book, which impressed me a lot.

One is that someone invented a smoke that does not smoke. Obviously, this is a revolutionary product for the environment and for other people around, and it has the function of smoke without harming everyone’s health. The problem is that the target of this product’s strengths is not peopled who buy cigarettes. People who think that they don’t smoke are good people who don’t smoke. People who really smoke will think that smoking without smoke doesn’t mean much. Good ideas are wrong, who is the customer.

Another example is that someone made a delicious ice cream for a dog and made the same mistake. Although the dog loves to eat more, but the dog will not buy, the person who buys and does not buy is the person. The users and buyers of the products here are 100% different. So it is not the end user of the product that is impressed, but the one who made the purchase decision.

As I said before, doing search engine optimization should not only consider the technical optimization of the website, but also consider many marketing and profit models. For those who are learning to market, customer psychology analysis is an essential knowledge, but for many technicians who do websites, it is not necessarily.

Good SEO personnel, after doing a certain degree, will naturally turn their attention to these broader areas.

This is not a test balloon that commercializes the point stone, it is purely my personal feelings.

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