When is the profit model?

When is the profit model supposed to be considered? When planning a website ,you should think about the profit model? Or wait for the traffic to come up and find a profit model again?

If you are an ordinary person like me, it is best to think about the profit model before you start doing the website and know exactly how to make money from the website.

There are two situations where you can wait for the traffic to rise before considering the profit model.

1) You are a genius

It may be a technical genius, like the founder of Google. It could also be an endurance genius, like Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist.

Even if it is not a genius, it must be a very master of a certain aspect, can come up with ideas that others can’t think of, and can realize it with its own technology.

I think there are many such technical geniuses in China. I want to make a good idea based on my own skills and then program myself. The reason why you don’t have to think about the profit model is because the cost is low, you don’t have to get a team, and you have a big bag. Write the program yourself, and a server will start. And it can be maintained for a long time until the day of explosive growth.

But such an Internet legend has misled many people. The number of geniuses is still relatively low, and it is difficult to learn.

2) You can finance

Some people are familiar with venture capital before they do the Internet, or they know big bosses, or have made money in traditional industries, or they have long been famous. In short, funds are not a problem for them. Such a person can make a website and rely on the concept to draw money to support for a few years. Sometimes, in a few years, you can really find a superb profit model. In a few years, it disappeared, and the number of such websites is indispensable.

Such as ant net. Occasionally go to the ant net to see, I feel a little mentally handicapped, I can’t figure out what I should do on this website, what else does this website want to do. There can be investment, and the wheat field can continue to explore for at least a year or two. Social networking is undoubtedly a trend, and it is possible to explore it when it is possible.

(A few years later update: Here is the ant network that originally explored social networks, not the ant network that readers now see.)

But before you do the website, ask yourself, are you a genius? Can you get the investment? If not, you are the same ordinary webmaster as me, it is best to find the profit model from the beginning. With a clear profit model, there is a clear direction when designing websites and promoting websites.

The profit model is different and the means are different. The profit model largely determines the goals of the website (after talking about website goals). The goal of the website determines many directions for design and promotion.

Of course, this is not to say that the profit model that has just begun to be determined will remain unchanged. In fact, many websites are undergoing changes in the profit model during the development process. For example, at the beginning, advertising is the mainstay, but gradually seeing a certain demand from users, if they can meet this demand, they will have new profit points.

There is a paradox here. Those who can make a fortune are often those that have no profit model at first, like Google. From the very beginning, websites that have been selling products profitably have rarely been able to do that. However, this paradox is not difficult to solve, because the probability of being a genius is less than one in ten thousand, we will directly ignore this possibility.

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