What kind of page is Google ranked high?

I opened my blog and saw that it was not updated in half a year. In 2016, I am working harder, but I am nearly half a hundred people. I am not so big. I don’t know if I can only lick this time next year…

Today, backboneo released a Google ranking data based on 1 million search results, indicating which pages tend to have good Google rankings. Taking a simple note here, strengthening your memory, may also help other SEO enthusiasts.

Two instructions:

  1. Relevance does not account for causality. Statistics only show that such pages usually have good rankings (this is relevant), and do not indicate why these features are good rankings (this is a causal relationship). Just like the cock is called to show up, it doesn’t explain why the chicken is dawn.
  2. Is there an egg for Baidu? Simple but inaccurate, Google tonight is Baidu in the morning.

Closer to home, what kind of page is ranked well in Google?

1) Links are still the most important factor

First of all, the more the total number of outer chains, the better the ranking. No matter how many people claim that the external chain is not used, statistics show that the most relevant to the ranking is the external chain.

In particular, the total number of external links for external links is the most relevant factor in ranking. Getting one link from 10 different domains is much better than getting 10 links from a domain. Or, if a domain name has a ticket and votes 10 times, it may be more effective than a ticket, but it will not become 10 tickets.

2) The domain name is highly authoritative and the page ranks well.

This domain name authority search engine does not tell us, but many external chain tools have estimates, such as Ahrefs domain rating, Moz domain authority and the like. The authoritative value of a domain name is more relevant than the authoritative value and ranking of the page itself.

So, to bring a link to a page, the benefit is the entire domain name, all pages.

3) Deep topic content is good for ranking

Now Google’s ranking is no longer limited to calculating relevance through keywords that appear on the page, and Google can now understand the meaning of the query terms. This can be referred to the Google Hummingbird algorithm post.

For example, searching for “who is the director of the small age”, Google is not just searching for pages containing these words, Google actually knows who you are looking for, so it gives the answer directly:

This artificial intelligence and semantic understanding will result in comprehensive and significant changes in SEO, from keyword research to website architecture, from content writing to page optimization. I will have time to talk about it later.

4) Long page ranking is good

In the past, it was generally suggested that the content of the page should be more than two or three hundred words. It may not be enough now. The average content length of Google’s first page results reached 1890 words. Chinese is relatively simple, it should not be so long, but half the length is long enough.

The length may be related to the previous Article 3. If you want to be deep, you will have a long length. Other statistics show that pages with long pages are also easier to share with social networks, such as FB, twitter, etc.

How can I get more than 1 thousand words in this post, hehe.

5) https has some help

There are some advantages to using https for page rankings, but not great. Google announced the promotion of the https page rankings the year before. Baidu also followed up in May last year , announced to give https page inclusion and ranking priority treatment. (So, the second article explained in the previous two points is not to say. Think about Google’s panda, penguin update, Baidu’s green radish, pomegranate algorithm.)

If it is a new website, of course, it will be made directly into https. What about the old website? It is recommended to do 301 to https version from http version, but building https version is not as simple as adding a certificate. It may face some technical problems. The current benefits are not so obvious. Be careful, don’t just change the https version for SEO reasons.

6) Schema annotation has no effect

The use of schema for page structured data annotation is supported and promoted by both Google and Baidu. Google rankings are not relevant to whether or not to use schema tags.

However, Schema annotations are often helpful for page presentations. For example, an e-commerce site page list may list prices, availability, user reviews, etc., which may be helpful for click through rates. So, you can do it. Google’s John Mueller said that Schema annotations may become a ranking factor in the future.

7) Short URL is good for ranking

First of all, the short URL looks comfortable. Second, short URLs generally mean closer to the home page.

The earliest SEO post-posted URL is the default setting using WordPress. The URL is with the date. This directory form: year/month/day/post name, it is very pleasing to watch, so the URL structure is changed later. Became : Category name / post name, looking more comfortable.

8) Using images is good for ranking

Using at least one image is good for ranking. There is no obvious difference between putting more pictures.

I have said this in the blog and “SEO Actual Combat Password” . There are pictures in the article that are much more pleasing than the pictures, which is beneficial to the user experience. But look at my blog post, it is not particularly necessary, I am too lazy to put pictures. This is the root cause that Baidu mentioned in their own quality guidelines : content production costs are often an important indicator of content quality. This is a threshold, it seems simple, and there are few that stick to the past. Putting on the video is even harder.

9) The complete matching of keywords in Title has a role in ranking

This is a classic SEO technique, it has a role, but the correlation is not very strong. At present, due to the progress of semantic analysis, the requirements for keywords in complete matching have been greatly reduced. Similarly, search engines are trying to understand meaning, not keyword matching.

10) Fast website is obviously better than slow ranking

Since 2010, Google has used web page opening speed as a ranking factor. At present, it seems that the role is not small.

Whether the ranking increase is a direct result of speed is not certain. As I said before, correlation is not a causal relationship. Perhaps the speed is fast and brings a good user experience, which in turn increases rankings. Maybe because rich companies can both increase the speed of opening and do high-level SEO . In any case, if possible, let the page open quickly, no problem at all, especially mobile search beyond the desktop search.

11) The exact match anchor text link is strongly positively related to the ranking

After Google Penguin is updated , it is generally believed that the link anchor text is a perfectly matched keyword, which is dangerous and may bring punishment. The statistical results show that the anchor text of the exact match keyword has a strong positive correlation with the good ranking. This can make SEO people embarrassed, and the degree is difficult to grasp. Still conservative.

12) Low bounce rate has strong correlation with ranking

SEOs have long suspected that some users experience metrics, such as bounce rate, dwell time, and click rate, are Google ranking factors, but Google has always denied it.

Statistics show that sites with low bounce rates are clearly ranked better. This is not inconsistent with Google’s denial. These two phenomena may be caused by other factors, such as content quality.

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