What is true SEO

Mr. Wang mentioned in the article,

If the previous SEO is short-sighted marketing, then in the future, SEO will be a shortcut to find a way out.

Mr. Wang also believes that

SEO is nothing more than improving the ranking of websites in search engines.

If you can only test 60 points, but barely rely on some means to score 90 points, or 100 points, you just achieved a small partial or temporary victory.

Websites are passionate about SEO is a short-sighted behavior!

SEO does some work on the pages of the website and uses the search engine’s ranking algorithm to drill the search engine’s loopholes.

I think Mr. Wang Wenhui is obviously misunderstood about what is true SEO search engine optimization. It is worth noting that Mr. Wang himself is the administrator of the Aurora Webmaster Forum. He is very familiar with the website, but he has received such an impression. He has to say that this is very regrettable.

I have been browsing in other Chinese forums these days, and I have found that many people, if not most of them, have misunderstood SEO and think that SEO is a way of exploiting the loopholes. In fact, true SEO should be a tool for online marketing, and it is by no means a hole in the search engine, which undermines the relatively fair rules of search engines.

SEO does not rely on means to get a score of 90 or 100 for a website that can only score 60 points. Instead, SEO can improve the website that can only get 60 points to 90 or 100 points. There is no problem with short-sightedness and long-sightedness. If someone regards SEO as a short-sighted behaviour, then the SEO he understands is already wrong.

Real SEO is not on the page, building keywords, exchanging links, and more. Real SEO practitioners will consider the overall consideration of online marketing in order to increase website sales, rather than just getting good rankings. Real SEO practitioners, in addition to optimizing the site itself, will help customers optimize their marketing strategies across the site.

For example, if the sales process of the website is unreasonable and  in smooth, then search engine rankings and traffic can’t drive sales. There are a lot of websites that make users confuse, even if they are interested in your products, they don’t know how to order. This is not just a question of search engine optimization, but a question of the entire website design marketing strategy. Real SEO workers will test and optimize sales channels to make the site more user-friendly.

For example, SEO is only one aspect of online marketing. There are many other ways to do marketing on the Internet. Real SEO workers will consider SEO itself as an integral part of the network marketing strategy and cooperate with other marketing methods from a higher and overall perspective.

To give another example, content writing on the website is a very important aspect that many people ignore. A truly responsible SEO worker will read through all the content of the site and modify it. The purpose of this is not to insert keywords into the content, but to ensure that the content of the website is persuasive, easy to understand, and targeted.

Experience has shown that good content can greatly increase the proportion of visitors who turn into customers. After all, the ultimate goal of improving rankings and increasing traffic is to increase sales. If you have many visitors, but no one is interested in your product, what is the meaning of your website?

Therefore, true search engine optimization is by no means researching the weaknesses of search engines to improve rankings. Instead, it stands at the height of online marketing, improving the website to the forefront of search engines, and is worthy of users purchasing your products or using them. Your service.

From the sources of information such as the forum blogs I have seen so far, many Internet workers in China are still not very clear about this point, let alone people from other industries.

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