What is the shape of the psychological test

What is the shape of the psychological test lipstick that suggests a woman’s personality?

  According to statistics, almost 50% of women use lipstick every day. After a new lipstick has been used for a while, the shape of the lipstick will come out. Look at its shape to see the character of the woman . If you don’t believe it, just open your lipstick and look at it!

  What shape is the lipstick you used?

  A. concave shape

  B. One-sided shape

  C. Optical head shape

  D. semicircular

  E. shallow disc

  Looking at the shape of your lipstick carefully? Now let’s look at the results of the analysis!

  A. The shape of the concave lipstick represents that this kind of female has a wide range of interests and versatility, so that sometimes it is difficult to decide when it is difficult to happen. Sometimes the temper will be quite big. It may also be a temper for a small thing.

  B. One-sided lipstick shape. Wiping off the other side of the woman who likes to play with the right and wrong, play a careful machine. In addition, they have enthusiasm, but they are easily excited. It is also a major feature of them to like to travel and experience new things.

  C. The bald head shape is firm and decisive, energetic, and purposeful. It is the adjective of this woman. At the same time, they have a good sense of humor and are both serious and sensitive to one thing. She is always ready to help the people around her, usually with many friends.

  E. The flatter the lipstick shape, the more romantic the woman is. In addition, this also implies that she is a rational, trustworthy woman. I can always give you practical advice, and such women have amazing memories.

  D. The semi-circle represents that this woman has a cultural taste and is aesthetically pleasing, but often gives a sense of isolation and indifference. But when you understand it, you will find that she is gentle and kind. However, if she bullies her, she will try to retaliate.

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