What is the environment?

We explain what the environment is, a concept that is used in relation to a group or a social sector. Also, what is the environment?

  1. What is the environment?

The environment is a concept that can be used in reference to what surrounds us , that is, it can be a fluid that surrounds a body. The ambient temperature is a clear example, it can account for the state of the air or the atmosphere .

The environment can even refer to the conditions or circumstances of a place, an era or a group . In addition, it is used in relation to a group or a social sector, but not only to the group itself, but also because of their attitudes towards someone or something. To say that an environment is good or bad suggests that if the comforts and conditions are appropriate for each individual who is in the place or not.

In America, this word is commonly used to refer to a room in a house , we usually find it in expressions such as “I live in a two-room apartment”,  that is, your home has two rooms, kitchen and dining room. In turn, these spaces can be set, that is to say, to provide a place with a suitable environment for situations thanks to lights or decorations.

In other words, environment is a set of natural and social elements that are closely related, there the life of biological beings unfolds , accompanied by physical elements.

The environment is where we find these natural elements, provided by nature so that living beings can live together in a pleasant way. The company is currently over-exploiting the resources of nature , and over the years was gradually destroying the natural environment.

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