What is SEO?

What is SEO?But after doing SEO for a few years, it is often confusing to think carefully about the work that is done every day. What is SEO? First look at the definition, what does SEO mean?

What does SEO mean?

SEO is the abbreviation of English Search Engine Optimization, translated into Chinese as “search engine optimization”. Simply put, SEO refers to the technology and process of obtaining website traffic from natural search results. A more rigorous definition can be expressed as: SEO refers to the internal and external adjustment and optimization of the website based on understanding the natural ranking mechanism of the search engine, improving the natural ranking of the keywords in the search engine, and obtaining more traffic. Thereby achieving the goal of website sales and brand building.

The definition is easy to understand, but it is somewhat confusing in practice. SEO blogs and forums have a lot of SEO skills and experience sharing, but in fact, thinking about these skills is not something unique to SEO, or there is no such thing as real SEO.

We are more clear from the SEO steps.

Keyword analysis

In fact, it is the market research and industry competitors survey. Do any business, do not have to do user needs survey, competitors survey? The tools are different, and the keyword analysis of doing SEO is to look at the number of keyword searches and return to the competition page.

Unless you are a genius, or have a VC investment, spend someone else’s money to do your own business, or do something, you must first do an investigation.

Website architecture optimization

Reasonable and clear internal structure , which is conducive to search engine crawling, and internal links that are beneficial to users , is actually a technical problem. Tell the technician that the search engine must crawl the website page, what is not conducive to crawling, the technician will naturally follow the rules, he does not even need to know the word SEO.

Page optimization

This is also the most basic requirement for writing. You can’t call the composition written in the first to the sixth day “My composition”, and score it as “My Friend”, “You Xiangshan”, “Read Red Rock” and other different topics. This is what the Title tab of the optimization page says.

The other keyword optimizations on the page are completely different from the basic requirements of the written text.

External link building

This should be a by-product of the company’s public relations and marketing departments. I don’t know if you pay attention to what he said when interviewing Xiaopeng. The links of big companies are given by users themselves. People don’t do anything about external link construction. Very few exchange links are called commercial expansion. It is estimated that this is not the case. SEO department management.

When will you see Microsoft and Coca-Cola to build external links? Even the pure online brand wiki does not do this. The real cow company is not doing the outer chain, only the small people like us can do this.

Traffic Analysis

In the years before the emergence of SEO, traffic analysis is a must for the operating website.

So after a lap, you will find that you don’t know what SEO is. Most of the SEO we do is common sense.

Of course, the good news is that common sense is often not something that ordinary people can’t do, so there will be so-called SEO and SEO industries , and at least it will be a decade and a decade.

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