What is research?

We explain what research is, and why people tend to do it. Research methodologies and useful recommendations.

  1. What is research?

Investigating is an innate attitude of human beings . It is a response to one of the basic functions of the brain of men and women, who is always curious, always asks questions and tries to solve problems .

Reason and concerns lead people to investigate different things: the word investigate always refers to the fact that the ultimate goal of such action is to discover something hidden or hidden.

  1. Research guidelines and methodologies

Some of the basic research guidelines are order, genuine interest and the use of the purpose for improvement or progress . It is important to always keep them in mind.

It begins by defining a topic and area of ​​research , which can be a branch of science , can be a social or personal reason such as police or journalistic cases, or analytical and statistical studies that determine behaviors , behaviors or reports on very specific.

There is a work methodology that demands the use of a very schematic and orderly plan for information gathering, definition and definition of the objectives, time space context and tools to be used. On the other hand, it is important to formulate a hypothesis : it is generally an uncertain or presumed idea or concept, which will be revealed when the investigation is concluded and will serve as a guide in the process .

The collection of different data and information should be hierarchized and contrasted, as well as confirmed with the different information sources that each researcher has. A hidden revealing camera or scientific test in a laboratory are ways of establishing that what is thought is true for different researchers.

Another important point is the preparation of a theoretical framework that supports the results obtained as a state of reality in the specific area of ​​research. Another of the strengths of an investigation, although not decisive, is the publication of the results. In this way, it is possible to connect society with the fruits of the exercise, which can serve different scales for man.

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