What is intuition?

We explain what intuition is and how to know what is not intuition. In addition, its definition according to science and different meanings.

  1. What is intuition?

Intuition is the ability to understand things instantly , it is also used as a synonym for feeling, that is, to have the feeling that something will happen or be in a certain way. For example: « I have the feeling that something bad will happen here, let’s go. »

Intuition is a thought process in which there is no need for logical reasoning , intuition is a faculty by which everything is understood instantly. On a philosophical and epistemological level, it is a concept that belongs to the theory of knowledge that states that intuition is related to immediate, direct and self-evident knowledge and then does not require any type of deduction.

Intuition is information that our mind and soul access outside of time and present space. We could say that it is a contact with our essence and does not work in all people in the same way, it is sometimes related to previous experiences . There are those who do not believe in past lives and reincarnation, but many cases proved otherwise, giving evidence of information that could not have been known in any other way.

There are those who affirm that sensitive perception gives us an intuitive knowledge of the reality we live day by day. You can’t explain how or why that feeling comes to our mind, it’s just there as a sixth sense. It is the first thought that comes to our head when we are about to make a decision. They are sudden reactions.

To learn to listen to the voice of intuition it is necessary to be able to silence the other voices, which will sound when the motor of our brain begins to work, because the first one will sound only a second and then disappear. You can practice this with various meditation techniques.

  1. What is not intuition?

The intuition can be confused with other feelings , so see what is intuition. It is information that comes from another part of our existence, therefore it is not mental. It is not the body speaking, because we know that he can give us information but not in that way. Intuition is not an emotion. This is also not ” the voice of the heart .”

The psychology says that being a non – rational way which reach knowledge can not even verbalized , that is, when one is asked why he decided to act one way or what led him to that, a person can not answer simply because He doesn’t know, he doesn’t understand where it came from that led him. How many cases exist of people who have been saved from tragedies because they simply had something that made them change their minds a second before the bad thing happens.

  1. What does science say about intuition?

Parapsychologists who say that there are people more sensitive to contact with spirits.

The science does not support that intuition compare with paranormal experiences or magic, as it has absolutely nothing to do with them. Paranormal experiences are related to spirits and others, and magic is a set of illusions and tricks that someone creates without their audience noticing.

Instead, science asserts that they are mental processes that consciousness cannot access by conventional means . Another scientific theory says that our brain reacts to the information it receives from the environment, analyzing it without giving us previous explanations.

For example , in the case of a person who escapes from the explosion of a car, it could be said that his senses have unconsciously analyzed the whole environment and upon understanding that it could explode, he orders the body to have an escape reaction, that Actually we interpret as “ I got out of the car and got away from it, but I don’t know why ”.

Beyond that it has nothing to do directly with the paranormal, there are parapsychologists who say that there are people who are more sensitive to contact with the spirits and that as we are surrounded by them and they have an end in this world, they help us in certain situations, blowing suggestions to the ear. They are called manifestations of extrasensory abilities. According to these scholars, intuition would be nothing more than an ear prepared to listen to the inhabitants of the beyond in our dimension.

In another area, in computer science , the term intuitive is used to refer to those programs that are easily understood by the user when he uses it for the first time. That is, the person almost naturally understands how to use it without receiving previous instructions.

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