What is hypothesis?

We explain what a hypothesis is and what its characteristics are. What it is for, how it is verified and what types of hypotheses exist.

  1. What is hypothesis?

A hypothesis is a statement that is made prior to the development of a particular investigation . The hypothesis is an assumption that is one of the elementary bases of this study.

The hypothesis  will be confirmed or denied once the investigation is finished . Although that is the current definition, there are authors who define the hypothesis as the possible solutions to a certain problem , which will be verified as valid or not throughout the investigation.

  1. Characteristics of a hypothesis

It is difficult to develop the study if the hypothesis has not been well established.

The hypotheses are characterized by being simple and easy to understand statements , that is to say, avoid the multiplicity of interpretations. On the other hand it must have generality, that is, it must be able to be applied to more than one case. They must also be supported by previous theories and must not have a transcendental or moral character, but characteristics that can be experienced and proven in practice.

The objective of a hypothesis is to make a sort of introduction or explanation on the subject that will be analyzed throughout the study. They are used as a means of incentive throughout the study . It also organizes the project , guiding the topic that will be addressed.

To verify if a hypothesis is well formulated, it must be verified and most often quantified. At the same time, you must solve in a precise and simple way the problem that arises . Finally, it must be consistent with the theoretical framework used, either to support it or to deny it.

Some of the conflicts that arise when a hypothesis is required or developed are due to lack of available information on the subject or the difficulty of interpreting existing data. It is also very difficult to develop the study if the hypothesis has not been well established.

  1. Types of hypotheses

Hypothesis - Mathematics
A statistical hypothesis is tested by means of mathematical equations.

The concept of hypothesis includes a classification according to the characteristics that meet:

  • General HypothesesThey are characterized by trying to solve certain investigators’ unknown questions extensively.
  • Specific hypothesesThey are derived from the previous ones. In this case, we try to be a little smaller with the subject at hand.
  • Operational HypothesesThey are those that will be analyzed by specific tests and the results obtained in them. In turn, they suffer an even lower classification, in alternative and null hypotheses.
  • Statistical Hypothesis They are expressed and tested by means of mathematically sustained equations.

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