What is Google’s quality evaluator?

The Google Quality Assessment Guide is a manual from Google to quality assessors that tells the evaluators how to assess the relevance and quality of the page to the search term. Needless to say, this file is definitely useful for SEOs. This is Google’s official description of the page quality. In a few days, I have time to translate the main content inside. This is not the case today.

What interests me more than this document itself is what these quality evaluators are doing. Who are they? How to evaluate the website? PotPieGirl sent another post two days ago to introduce the assessor she knew. The original post is very long, but very interesting. It is recommended to read the original text directly in English. The following is a brief introduction.

Where did the quality assessor come from?

Google quality evaluators are not directly hired by Google. The quality assessor is employed by a third-party company and has a different job title and is not called a “Google Quality Assessor”. The position is not full-time, it is contractual or part-time, so many are housewives, unemployed, students, etc. Not working in a company, I am doing quality assessment work at home. When there is a living, the company is hired to work for the assessor, working about 10-20 hours a week, and paying $12-15 an hour.

Applicants need to pass the exam. The exam is divided into two parts, one is 24 theoretical questions and the other is 270 practical questions.

The quality assessor can only work for one year. It is necessary to apply for a new job three months after the expiration of one year.

Quality evaluators are ordinary users, not network marketers, or SEOs . They don’t understand search engines as we do, they are evaluated from the perspective of ordinary and normal users. There are quality evaluators around the world who speak the language. I know a few Google quality appraisers, not domestic, I wonder if I have done this work in China?

What about the quality assessor?

The quality assessor does two test evaluations. One is to give a search term and a URL to evaluate the relevance of the URL to the search term. The assessor can also mark the page as spam or write a review.

The other is to give the evaluator two search results pages (the same search term), let the evaluator determine which result is better. Google has been tested for algorithm changes, which is one of the steps in the test. Have time to write the process of modifying the Google algorithm.

The performance that the assessor needs to achieve

Basically, the assessors themselves do not know how many assessment questions should be completed per hour. According to some information disclosed, the first test item (search term/URL) needs to do more than 30 per hour, and the second (two sets of search results) should be 20 per hour.

The problem is coming. How does the assessor judge the relevance and quality of a page in two minutes?

The second test is more difficult. How do you judge the quality of 10-20 pages in 3 minutes? This is impossible. Therefore, many evaluators only judge based on the page description in the search results, and there is no access to the page at all.

Does the assessor’s rating affect the ranking of a page?

Can not directly affect. The assessor’s assessment will not be used to change the page rank. The engineer modifies the algorithm when he sees a certain trend from the evaluator’s evaluation data.

What did SEO learn from?

The evaluators are ordinary users. They don’t necessarily have time to really look at the content. They don’t really understand it. After all, they can’t be experts in all fields, so the first impression is very important. The page first looks pleasing to the eye and may be considered high quality. Unsightly page, who still manages your content?

The page description tag can be written by itself, and written by the content title. Don’t stack keywords here.

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