What is an entrepreneur?

We explain what an entrepreneur is and the types of entrepreneurs that exist. In addition, how is your profile and its main characteristics.

  1. What is an entrepreneur?

It is known as an entrepreneur or  entrepreneur  to  who organizes and conducts some kind of organizational initiatives , for profit, running certain amount of financial risk it. It is not synonymous with  entrepreneur.

This term comes from the 18th century, at the dawn of industrial capitalism. Anglo-French economist Richard Cantillon was the first to use it, to name who “pays a certain price to resell a product at an uncertain price, making decisions about obtaining and using resources, and admitting the risk inherent in entrepreneurship ” At that time there was no major difference between being an entrepreneur or being an entrepreneur or merchant .

This distinction is much more recent. Today, business leaders are called entrepreneurs who try to translate their personal passions (and not the mere desire for profit) into sustainable and lucrative business initiatives. An entrepreneur is the one who decides to take the risk of opening viable projects , assuming the risks that this entails and motivated by a specific vision.

Examples of entrepreneurship are not limited: well-known names in the world of business and industry are or were entrepreneurs: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, for example, or Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. His example of commitment to his personal cause, determination and business vision is, for many, an example to follow in the way of developing possible business projects.

  1. Types of entrepreneurs

Digital entrepreneurs use the Internet to offer their services.

There are several types of entrepreneurs:

  • Empre ndedores corporate  or business . It is named for those who risk to raise a company young and innovative (known as  Startup s ) using for it their passions and knowledge.
  • Digital entrepreneurs . Characteristic of the digital age are therefore used the Internet and new technologies of information and telecommunications services to offer such diverse, emphasizing the new possibilities of this technology.
  • Social entrepreneurs . Those who are concerned with the creation of associations and organizations that do not necessarily have a commercial nature, such as  NGOs   and other political or community organizations, are known.
  1. Profile of an entrepreneur

Broadly speaking, the profile of an entrepreneur is simple: it is a person driven by an inner vision , that is, someone passionate and with enough creativity to convince third parties of what is needed.

This means that an entrepreneur is not the one who dreams of getting rich, or powerful, but who thinks that business tools are a means to turn a worldview into reality. Is Elon Musk doing something else with his Space X company, taking leaps and bounds towards the colonization of the planet Mars?

  1. Characteristics of an entrepreneur

A leader must be an example to follow and a driver towards the path of realization.

An entrepreneur usually has the following general characteristics:

  • Passion . Being not simply businessmen, entrepreneurs must connect with their deep, personal motivations. Those are the ones that want to make a reality .
  • Vision . An entrepreneur must have future projection capacity to be able to perceive and take advantage of the windows of opportunity. This is key in the development of a  Startup , for example.
  • Confidence . The uncertainty in a venture is usually very present. Therefore, an entrepreneur must have confidence in himself and his vision, since often things will not go as he had planned.
  • Leadership . If an entrepreneur simply behaves like a boss, he cannot inspire his team and infect them with his passion. It must be an example to follow and a driver towards the path of realization.
  • Honesty . Entrepreneurs must believe enough in their dreams, to ruin them by venturing into dishonest practices, which then give the project a bad name or close important doors.
  • Innovation . In such a changing and fast world, entrepreneurs must have an open eye for the new: the changes that occur in the business, social or political culture that interest them, new influences, trends, etc.
  1. Difference between entrepreneur and entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs differ from entrepreneurs or simple merchants in that the latter lack an innovative spirit, passion and creativity, preferring to travel safer roads that lead to economic gain .

An entrepreneur or a merchant are, respectively, producers or resellers , whose cause is just to perpetuate the business over time.

An entrepreneur, however, follows a feasible project that usually exceeds the mere economic profit and aims to change the way of life of the people, ie, instead of doing business for profit, is business by the business itself, for what it basically means.

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