What does a similar page in Google search results mean?

A web page snapshot is the text content of the listed web page in the Google database, which is the content of the web page captured by the last Google spider.

What does a similar web page mean? So far, Google has not explained how similar web pages are obtained. A lot of people have done some research and found that similar web pages are usually related to links and website themes.

If you click on a similar web page, you will find a list of similar pages, sometimes without obvious rules. For example, most believe that similar web pages will list other web pages that you link to, or link to other web pages.

But sometimes, the pages or websites listed on similar web pages are not linked to your website, nor are you linked to that website. There is no direct relationship between the two, nor the same company, sometimes not even the same industry. In some extreme cases, the two websites may not be similar at all.

So, what conditions or algorithms are similar pages derived from? Further observations will reveal that the URLs listed on similar web pages are often other websites that are referenced by third parties on your own website.

For example, your own website is A, there is a third-party website B, your website A is mentioned on his website B, and another website C is mentioned on the same page B, then for Google Your website A and website C also constitute relevance. Although there is no direct connection between A and C.

So what impact does this have on your search engine optimization ? Most importantly, when you are looking for a link or a link, pay attention to the link B you want to get, in addition to connecting to you, which other websites. These sites form a community around your site that forms a common theme and your site belongs to this common theme.

For example, if your website is about a computer, then you buy a link from a large website that also sells links to a food wholesale website. So for Google, your website theme will deviate from your actual theme, which is the computer. If you have a lot of links, it may affect your computer-based search engine results. This is the part you can control, that is, when you are looking for or buying a link.

Then there is a part that you can’t control, for example, other websites link to you because they like your website. This is something you can’t control. Actually, you should be happy. But what if the webmaster also links to a website that is completely unrelated to your website?

Logically, if you have too many links, it will affect your ranking. But from another perspective, it is hard to imagine that such links exist in large numbers. Because the average webmaster will not arbitrarily put a lot of useless links on his webpage.

This messy, no-themed link usually only appears when you buy a link.

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