What are the profit models of the website?

This is somewhat in line with the trend of many websites I have seen recently, trying to attract more people, increase traffic, then sell ads, or hope to attract venture capital.

If this kind of thinking is the mainstream idea of ​​the people who do the website, then most of these websites will not have much way out.

The purpose of the commercial website is of course to make money to make a profit. In many articles about the profit model of the website, it is more complicated, what platform, BRC, BRB, value-added services, and telecommunications division, and so on.

I like simplification and simplification to make the idea clearer and focus.

In my opinion, there are two types of profit models : one is to sell advertisements, and the other is to sell their own products (including services). No matter how you change, you can’t get out of both. When website builders start to conceive a website, they must think clearly about what they are relying on to make a profit. They must never think about making traffic and investing.

Selling ads

The first profit model, selling advertising, seems to be the mainstream of many domestic websites. Websites that sell advertising for profit tend to have a large amount of traffic in order to have high clicks.

Of course, there are different types of advertisements. Some count money by click, some count money by page view, and some pay a fixed amount by month or year. Different types of advertising also bring different profit techniques. Sometimes, increasing traffic is the focus, and sometimes increasing the click rate is the focus.

Sell ​​your own product or service

The profit model of the second website is to sell its own products or services. I think this is the place where everyone should invest more time and attention.

To do an e-commerce website, it is very important to be free from human control, so you must master your own products from the most basic. There are many things that can’t be controlled by selling advertisements. Selling your own products or services is different. You can use your creativity, original products or services, you can get closer, you can price yourself, you can build your own customer base.

Of course, there are many forms of so-called products or services, and different products or services are sold on the website with different skills.

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