Website update and keyword ranking

I also mentioned this issue when I interviewed Matt Cutts. What I asked at the time was:

Some SEOs believe that freshness has a significant role in Google rankings. Many people think that blogs tend to get good rankings, and some benefit from freshness. However, some SEOs think that it is not a good idea to modify the webpage frequently.

What’s your suggestion? Frequent updates or not?

Matt Cutts’ answer is:

It depends on your industry. I will do everything that is good for the user. Updating a webpage to update a webpage may not be efficient. But if you have a blog, frequent updates may attract more users. So for some people, it may be more appropriate to update less often (such as a manufacturing company), and it is often better for others (such as if you are a blogger).

It can be seen that whether the website needs to be updated and the impact on the SEO rankings depends on the specific situation and there is no fixed rule.

Whether the website needs to be updated frequently, I think the following aspects are considered.

Do you really have new information available to customers?

Don’t update for updates. Do you really have new news, new information, new tips to provide to customers? Still to tell the search engine, my page has been updated. Some webmasters change a few words on the webpage, and change a few words there, which has no effect on the user. I hope that the search engine feels that the webpage has been updated and is more diligent. This kind of update is of little significance.

Website type

As Matt Cutts said, if your site is a blog, it is necessary to update frequently, because the blog itself should be a dynamic diary. If you don’t update for a few years, it’s not a blog. The same is true for news sites. Search engines can determine the approximate type of website, otherwise blog search, news search can not do.

If it is a corporate website, the product does not change for decades, or there are few changes, so there is little update or update, and it is not bad.

Industry and competitors

Is your competitor website updated frequently? Especially those competitors ranked in the front. If most of the top sites contain a lot of frequently updated content such as blog forums, this is the normal state of the website in your industry. If you want to compete with them in the rankings, it is best to follow this pattern.

Search engines have established many behaviour patterns for different industries and different types of websites. It is usually beneficial for your site to conform to this model. Failure to comply with this model may lead to attention, special treatment, and even manual review.

Keyword competition

Some words that are not highly competitive, rarely updated websites or one or two very old blog posts can achieve better rankings. However, if the keyword competition is very strong, relying on static websites often cannot achieve the best results.

In this highly competitive industry, everyone is adding content, adding links, and making a variety of tricks to attract users and search engines. You have to do this if your website wants to be in it.

So in the end, it depends on the specific situation. I have not updated the website for a few years, and the ranking has not changed. But like my SEO blog, when I haven’t updated it for 10 months, it still has a certain impact on the ranking.

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