Website quality and cheating

Site quality high, in the eyes of the search engine authority of high ranking get good, beyond reproach. It is also logical to be punished or even blocked after a cheating website is detected.

But the high quality of the website and the cheating are not necessarily mutually exclusive. A high-quality website provides useful content, and other webmasters are linked to the past and have a long history, but there is no guarantee that they will not cheat.

For example, Sina, Sohu, People’s Daily, CCTV, etc., everyone will think that they are of high quality and authoritative. If the person who manages the website has placed hidden text on the website, what should the search engine do?

I suspect that the search engine does not have a fixed threshold for cheating. The cheating suspect index is punished by reaching this threshold, but a sliding licence.

For example, if the People’s Daily, CCTV’s website may have an authority of 80%, search engines may give a 30% permission for cheating or similar cheating, and some minor errors within this range.  similar to cheating or cheating, the search engine can be ignored, beyond this range, the ranking will be punished.

And for a small website, the authority may be only 10%, so the allowable range of cheats given by search engines may slip to 10%. In other words, the space where you can make some small tricks is much smaller.

It is also possible for a highly authoritative website to trigger a manual check by the search engine when it is suspected of reaching a certain value, rather than directly penalizing and de-listing through the algorithm. Because there is no denying that some websites are too important to completely remove these websites from the search engine, it is not the website that is hurt, but the search engine itself. Imagine if CCTV’s website was removed by Google or Baidu, which would create a paradox.

Therefore, people who use some suspicious SEO methods have a certain amount of space for operation, but they cannot compare their own websites with those with high authority. They can do not necessarily do everything for everyone.

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