Website keyword layout (below)

Many webmasters like to put a lot of keywords on the homepage. They think that the weight of the homepage is high, and the keywords are placed on the front page, and the chance of getting a ranking is higher.

If you can find too many primary and secondary keywords, a total of four or five, then this is acceptable. But if the most important and important related keywords are more than 10 and 20, then don’t force yourself to squeeze on the homepage.

The target keywords of each page are limited to 2-3, otherwise the page content writing, the internal link arrangement, the external link anchor text, etc. will encounter conflicts that cannot be resolved. The end result is that a page can only get a ranking of 2-3 words.

It is better to plan early and distribute words of different importance to different pages. This is especially important for new websites.

About long tail keywords

The long tail theory is familiar to everyone, and it is used in SEO. Sometimes I feel that the long tail is overdone. For those who do SEO, the most important thing is to have a long tail consciousness. In the aspect of website structure arrangement, internal link, writing of article pages, etc., it is enough to think of the concept of long tail.

Websites that really make the most of the long tail advantage must have at least hundreds of thousands of pages. The long tail effect of such a website is naturally obtained, and it is not possible to conduct a comprehensive long tail keyword study. On many article pages or product pages, natural writing, highlighting a very single topic is enough, without having to do deliberate keyword research.

Avoid multiple pages competing for the same keyword

This is one of the problems that many websites are prone to. The multiple target keywords on the website are the same. Some webmasters believe that the home page and several column pages both enhance the optimization of the same set of keywords, so that the chances of ranking are higher. In fact, it should be avoided as much as possible.

The competition for a keyword in the same website should only be one page. In this way, whether it is the internal link arrangement, the construction of external links, and the writing of the copy, the target can be precise and will not distract.

The most extreme phenomenon of this problem is actually copying content that everyone is familiar with.

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