Webpages crawled by Google Adsense spiders appear in searches

Due to the number and frequency of websites crawled by Google Spider (Googlebot/2.1), the bandwidth they need to use every day is huge. Taking into account the content of the website crawled by Adsense spiders into the main search engine will definitely save a lot of bandwidth.

In fact, many people have long suspected that the relationship between the Adsense spider Mediapartner bot and the search spider Googlebot/2.1 is what? Will Adsense’s website be included in the Google search database faster? Will you increase or decrease your search rankings by using Adsense?

On Google’s official website, they made it clear that the Adsense spider is completely separate from the search spider, and the use of Adsense does not affect the ranking of the site at all, and there is no relationship between the two. And within Google, these two products are handled by two completely different departments. They do not exchange any information between them.

But recently there are signs that the results of the pages crawled by Adsense spiders appear in search results. For example, Jen noticed that the time of the page snapshot that appears in the search results exactly matches the time that the Adsense spider visited the server log file, not the time that Google searched for spider access.

Others detect whether the visit is an Adsense spider on the web page, and if it is an Adsense spider, it will return a rewritten web page. It turns out that there are two versions of the web page in the search engine. In other words, the results of the search spider and Adsense spiders appear in the search results, resulting in the copy of the page.

I myself have noticed before that Adsense spiders have at least an impact on the inclusion of web pages. I remember once I was working on a new website, I copied the code directly from other websites to the new page. This code contains the Adsense code, which I forgot to delete. After the new website was designed, I uploaded the page and then I looked at it myself. Of course, Adsense ads also appeared on the page. Then I deleted the Adsense code.

This new website doesn’t have any import links, and I didn’t log in to any place. It’s a trial site. But soon, the results of the page appeared in Google search.

What happens to web builders when the pages crawled by Google Adsense spiders appear in Google search results? First, the most important hint I want to give to us is: Don’t try to use cloaking, which is to give it an optimized version when Google spiders visit it, and give it to ordinary visitors when they visit. Another version. Google can launch a spider without a Google logo to detect this.

In fact, the logo of the Google Adsense spider is not the same as the search spider. If you give the two spiders different web content, your website will cause the content page to be copied, and the ranking will be penalized.

Second: Google Adsense spiders really have no effect on rankings, we need to do more testing to be sure.

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