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What qualities does a good web developer need?

It is certainly not easy to start programming for the first time.

Watching programming tutorials, reading programming books, and building a portfolio website are one thing. Building a website as required, completing tasks on time, meeting the needs of the boss and the customer is another matter.

Most importantly, technological innovation is fast. If you are not at the forefront of the times, you may be eliminated by the times next year.

Want to know a secret? Do not be afraid.

Work hard and you can gain valuable experience. Just as you learn to program, you can improve your ability to work.

By continuing to learn, you can become a good website developer and even become a top web developer. (Although I can’t guarantee it, but you know what I mean.)

My first job

I am a self-taught web developer and have never had a professional computer course. I have been working in this field for seven years now. Of course, I am still learning, because I always feel that there is a bit of a dim.

Along the way, I also accumulated a lot of valuable experience and skills. Maybe you have the same experience and skills.

I was very excited when I got my first real job, the junior website developer.

To be honest, I was scared the first two years of my work.

Everyday work makes me feel helpless. And I often don’t know how to get started!

I tasted that I could do nothing.

But thank God, everything is going smoothly. With the support and help of supervisors and colleagues, I can complete the task on time.

As time goes by, I am no longer as anxious as before.

Four or five years later, I have confidence in my skills. If you are just beginning to enter this field, five years may sound long.

Just remember this:

Success will never happen overnight. Success requires a few days, weeks, months and even years of persistence and effort.

How to become a good WEB developer?

I learned a lot during my short career. I want to help those newcomers to the web to adapt to the task at hand.

There are a number of principles that can help you stand out from the crowd and make you a valuable asset for your company and your customers.

If you are not working yet, these principles will help you.

Want to be a good website developer? Please read on.

1: Learning to run a marathon, not a hundred meters sprint

If you are a college graduate and start working, that would be great! Your programming journey is about to begin.

Website development is a wide-ranging field that takes a long time to figure out the doorways and there is a long way to go.

But that’s okay! You are a beginner. Don’t worry, you can’t master all the skills at once.

Don’t expect you to know everything, it’s unrealistic and will put a lot of pressure on you. However, you should continue to learn the knowledge and technology of website development, make a comprehensive assessment of your current situation, and set your expectations in a reasonable range.

How to become a good WEB developer?

Look at your career in the long run, not just pay attention to the present, and don’t give up.

2: Seek help after you work hard

At the beginning of the work, it is worrying to get involved in an unknown field. At this time, I am under a lot of pressure because I have to solve some problems that I don’t understand.

Under what circumstances should I seek help?

I usually have two approaches. The first is to ask the boss for help: “Sorry, I don’t know what to do. Can you help me?”

In the short term, your stress will be reduced, but in the long run it will not be of any benefit to you. Because employees who cannot solve problems will spend a lot of time.

Another option is to do as much research as possible and try to understand what you don’t know.

After that, I went to the boss and said, “I am sorry, I still don’t quite understand. I have consulted a lot of relevant information. I think this should be…”

This is the difference, be sure to do what you can, don’t give up before you try, rely on others to help you solve the problem.

How to become a good WEB developer?

Learn to learn by yourself

We can learn new concepts by studying the problems ourselves and trying to solve them. There are two benefits:

Learn new skills – in essence, self-study is rewarding. You don’t have to ask your boss or colleague for help, wasting their time. Therefore, you are the company’s assets, not a drag.

Of course, if you need to spend hours or even a few days to solve a problem and seek help from someone else to solve the problem quickly, this is not worthwhile because you spend too much time on this issue.

You have to figure out what problems you need to solve and when to ask for help.

3: Keep curiosity.

When I first started working, I often received praise, saying that I absorbed knowledge as fast as a sponge. I am willing to try everything, even if I don’t know how to do it. I am full of curiosity about my work.

Every project wants the teacher to understand how things work. Fill your wishes with curiosity.

Do not complete the task in order to complete the task. Understanding why it is very important.

If you are researching how to solve a problem, don’t stop immediately after finding the answer in the Stack Overflow code snippet. If time is plentiful, take a moment to check out the solution and why it fits your code.

Find out why your previous code is not appropriate, and why the code is right now. If you don’t understand 100%, it doesn’t matter. Try to understand the concept. Even if you don’t fully understand this time, the next time you encounter the same problem, you can continue to study.

4: Continuous improvement

This applies to any field: cooking, driving, and even interpersonal relationships.

Learn from mistakes

When you realize that things are not right, take a step back and check. Ask yourself: What do you want, why is it not as good as you?

If your code breaks a website, figure out the cause and effect and how to avoid it in the future? If you and your colleagues have a dispute over a certain problem, figure out why?

Try the following method:

Go back and analyze the non-optimal solution. Figure out the cause and effect. Think about what to do in the future to avoid similar problems.

How to become a good WEB developer?

This takes time, but sometimes time does not allow us to review and analyze each step.

But if you don’t analyze the mistakes and summarize the lessons in time, you will repeat the same mistakes.

It is very difficult to do this because, because of instinct, people are reluctant to face negative things, and hope that things will hurry.

People need to constantly correct mistakes in their lives to advance. If you keep making the same mistakes while writing code, your productivity will be very low. This means you need to keep learning to avoid making the same mistakes again.

Don’t ignore any small mistakes, because long-term exercise and practice will develop habits, which will make you gain a lot.

5: Improve the ability to solve problems

Most of the work of a web developer is to solve the problem. Whether you’re writing new code or debugging existing code, the ultimate goal is to make it work as you wish.

So how to improve the ability to solve problems?

First, figure out what the problem is and the various factors involved in the problem.

Look for the reasons behind the problem. This will help you solve the mystery!

How to become a good WEB developer?

Inspection of electric lights

In order to make you understand clearly, I will use the electric light to repair the fault as an example.

In order to repair the lights, you must first determine the best solution. In this case, first turn the switch to “on” to make sure the light is on.

If the light is not lit, then check each step to determine why the light is not lit.

Here are your work steps:

The first step: whether the house is energized. Check that the power in the house is turned on and check that the outlet is working properly.

Step 2: Check if the lamp is powered. Check the socket of the lamp.

Step 3: Check if the wires are energized. Check that the wires and switches are working.

Step 4: Turn on the switch and energize the lamp. Check that the lamp is working properly and is damaged.

Test each step, narrow down the scope, and finally determine the exact cause.

Debugging: the luckiest and most unfortunate place for web developer work

Of course, finding and fixing problems in the code is more complicated than overhauling the lights, but the process is the same.

I won’t lie, debugging code and solving difficult problems is very frustrating. Sometimes, I need to spend a few days or weeks to solve a problem. This is the most unfortunate place for web developers.

However, when you finally find a solution, you will be very excited. At least at that moment, you almost feel that you can do anything. This feeling of joy is undoubtedly the luckiest place for web developers.

Don’t ignore non-technical skills

So far, I have shared a lot of tips on how to improve my professional skills. The last two techniques shared are non-technical skills. As a professional web developer, you also need to develop other capabilities besides programming.

You can call these skills communicative or soft skills.

Skills in interpersonal skills are as important as skills in programming

Even if our work is programming, the ultimate goal of cooperation is people. All websites and applications are designed for humans. No matter what your job is, you can’t do without working with customers, customers or colleagues.

Good website developers are not only good at programming, but also have good communication skills and ability to handle things.

Personally think that these two skills can really help you get out of trouble. These skills are not easy to master because you need completely different ways of thinking.

Many web developers may not consider training these non-technical skills. So if you have these skills, you will stand out among your colleagues.

6: Learn to empathize and cultivate empathy

Empathy refers to understanding and understanding the feelings, needs and opinions of others. In short, it is empathy.

Don’t just think about “winning”

When I quarrel with my husband, we all feel that it is the fault of the other party. 100% is correct. So we sneered at each other and blamed each other. Although it is very painful, we will do the same. However, it is not!

In the end we all realize that it all stems from a misunderstanding of each other, or one of us is in a bad mood. In the end, we will look at the problem from the perspective of the other side.

Don’t just think about defeating each other and “winning” the argument. We need to think differently and put ourselves in the shoes of others.

Go to work with “empathy”

Similarly, when you deal with others, it is inevitable that there will be conflicts or differences with others.

How to become a good WEB developer?

But you should try to avoid direct conclusions or demonize the other party. What they do is not directed at you alone.

Try to communicate with them and find out the cause of the problem.

They may be really busy and forget to return your email. They may have just opened an unpleasant meeting, so the words that respond to you are also very simple, inadvertently giving you pressure to multiply.

respect others

In addition to not giving others concerns, empathy at work includes understanding and respecting the work and circumstances of others.

If a colleague of yours is madly catching up with work before the deadline. At this time, it is best not to ask them some insignificant questions or bother them.

When they have finished their work and are free, they can ask about their work.

In addition, if you are interested in reading more articles about work etiquette, I suggest you can read the blog Ask a Manager .

Here you can learn about the etiquette, guidelines and taboos of many workplaces.

7: Be proactive, don’t be passive

In my opinion, being proactive or passive is a quality that distinguishes successful people from mediocrity.


A passive employee will complete the job assigned to him, but otherwise, they will not have any action. If there is a problem, they will solve the problem, but will not consider in advance how to prevent similar problems from reappearing.

Passive employees don’t like to think about the big picture, or how the various departments of the company work together. Their default mentality is: “I don’t care if I don’t affect me.”

This kind of thinking is a hole in sight. Please note that they are not doing a good job, but have missed a lot of opportunities for themselves.


On the contrary, proactive employees will not only do whatever they want to do, but will constantly improve their practices.

When problems arise, they analyse the cause and effect of the problem and improve it to prevent similar problems from happening again. They are constantly thinking about how to further improve their work efficiency.

In short, active people focus on the present and on the future.

They can see the big picture and are willing to work hard to improve.

Sounds good, right?

To learn proactive skills, you must try again and again, keep summing up and keep an eye on the surrounding things. But once you get the essentials, proactive will benefit all areas of life.


Thank you for reading this article! If you are a newcomer to web development, I really hope that my experience and skills can help you.

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