What are the values ​​of a company?

We explain what business values ​​are and what is their importance. List with examples of values ​​and their definition.

  1. What are the values ​​of a company?

The values ​​of a company are the set of ethical and professional principles through which it chooses to guide its activities and that somehow denote the spirit of it. The values are the “personality” of the company, since they summarize in six or seven concepts (it is not advisable to choose many more) how to proceed from it.

The values ​​should not reflect the desire or expectation of the leaders or founders of the company, nor the specific tasks of the company (all that belongs to its mission and vision), but the actual, current ethical principles, based on those The company culture is based .

To formulate or find the values ​​of a company, just try to answer a few questions:

  • What do we believe in as a company?
  • If the company were an individual, what would it be like?
  • What aspects of our behavior do we pay more attention to?

A set of well-defined values will be key to transmit to the team the ethical and professional expectations that the company expects of them as individuals, and will operate as a form of business education within it. After all, an organization has the spirit of those who work in it.

  1. Why are the values ​​of a company important?

Without well-defined values ​​and above all well established in its staff, a company will have an erratic or irregular public image, which means that its clientele and investors will not know for sure what kind of behaviors to expect from it. All this is detrimental to the credibility of the company, and in times of social networks and customer loyalty, few things are more important than convincing the target audience that they can trust the organization .

There are no good and bad values ​​per se. It is simply about postures for the business year that, however, will have consequences for the internal and external organization .

  1. Examples of company values

Values ​​of a company
Teamwork serves to exercise tolerance, respect and consideration.

Some examples of business values ​​are:

  • Quality . It is easy and usual to promise quality, but to commit to it means to insist on the processes until the product or service obtained is the best possible, that is, not to settle for less.
  • Solidarity . Lend a hand to the needy, put collective welfare to profit, know how to curb business competitiveness inside and outside the organization.
  • Responsibility . This means a mixture of gratitude, loyalty and sincerity, which in business terms is synonymous with social and community commitment not only with the clientele, but with society .
  • Confidence . Giving it is receiving it. Trust has to do with faith in the word committed and in the good wishes of the other, even when it eventually means disappointing or facing greater self-demands.
  • Teamwork . In times of extreme individualism, common management and teamwork become a highly demanded value, which serves to exercise tolerance , respect and consideration.
  • Sincerity . Business sincerity has to do with transparent communications, accountability and honest attitudes towards the general public and the insured clientele.
  • Originality . The pursuit of one’s own path, even when that involves risk and greater demands.
  • Competitiveness . The effort to be the first, taking the goal as the destination to reach as quickly as possible.
  • Simplicity . Bet on the simple, the easy, the most manageable and simple processes that can be had without sacrificing the fulfillment of business objectives .

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