Use of nofollow tags and external links

I explained and I saw in your post reply that the link to reply to the post signature in your blog can be considered as an external link. Just look carefully, your code 
a xhref=’http://www.itqy .net’ rel=’external nofollow’ is 
like this, it can’t be considered as an external link, so it’s not too kind to do it! I hope you will explain it!

To explain this question is not a sentence can be said, and the nofollow tag attribute may be helpful to many webmasters, so write a separate post to answer.

Nofollow is a label pioneered by Google (as if it were more than a year ago) to minimize the impact of spam on search engines.

The meaning of this tag is to tell the search engine that the link was not edited by the author himself, so this link is not a vote of confidence. When the search engine sees this tag it is possible to reduce or completely cancel the voting weight of the link.

This tag is usually used in blog comments or forum posts because these places are where most spam links appear. Now mainstream blogs and forum software automatically add this tag to links to comments and posts. “I can’t sleep” I don’t think this label is my own, or is my blog system (WordPress) written by myself?

Another effect is that if you sell ads on a website, you can use this tag. Because the original intention of buying and selling web ads should be traffic, not PR or trying to influence search engine rankings. Adding this tag will not affect traffic at all, but it may reduce the impact on search engine rankings.

So adding this tag really affects the link voting weight and PR value? This is a question. If I remember well, Google, Yahoo, MSN said support for this tag. But do they really reduce the voting weight of these links to zero? Not sure.

Other search engines do not necessarily support this tag, such as Baidu. As far as I am concerned, Baidu probably does not consider this tag, because spam links are still very useful in Baidu. (Update: Baidu also supports nofollow.)

Is the link with this tag not an external link? Of course you can’t say that. Such links are just external links.

I think the subtext of “sleeping” is that the search engine thinks that the right to be heavy is the external link (we assume that some search engines will reduce the weight of these links to zero), in fact, this idea and subconscious mind committed SEO. Taboo.

I have said many times in other posts, starting with the user and not starting with the search engine. For the user, click on this link and you come to another website. There is no script to do the turn, just a html link. Is this not an external link?

If you really think that search engines will reduce the voting weight of these links to zero, then imagine that if a website’s export links use nofollow tags, is this natural? You introduce some websites to readers, but tell search engines that you don’t recommend them? Not suspicious? Is the website of someone else hurt, or is it a website that uses this tag?

As I said before, fear of linking to other websites is a misunderstanding of many webmasters. In fact, linking to other related websites will often help you rank your website.

But the links in blog comments and forum posts are different. These links are added by users and readers themselves, not by website owners or authors. In many cases, the author will not go to see what websites these links go to. So of course the quality of these websites is not known and should not be endorsed.

Finally, back to the previous comments, it doesn’t matter if you add this label and it is not honest. I never said that the comment link from my website is very important, then I will collect the money to let everyone add the link, or ask the reader to link back.

On the contrary, I have said many times that the links in the blog comments are external links (still helpful), but they are not useful for search rankings and PR values ​​(not just because of the use of nofollow).

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