Difference between TV and TS

Difference between TV and TSWe explain the difference between TV and TS with table. The human body is complex in terms of emotions, desires and fantasies, someone cannot compare two different personalities on the basis of their emotions. Each person has a different mindset and different preferences.TV vs TS

There are predominantly three types of sex that have been given importance, those are; male, female, transgender. Although transgender was later included, it was not widely accepted or appreciated before.

The sex of a person is determined by the intimate part of his body, but his gender cannot necessarily be determined by the reproductive organ, the gender sometimes depends on the hormones or the artificial desires of the people.

It is not necessary that if a man is a man by sex, then he likes to behave like a man or have those gender stereotypes. Sometimes people don’t like what God has given them, just as there are people who may not be satisfied with their gender, or sometimes with their sex.TV vs TS

The Lgbtq community is seen as a nightmare for society, as some people think that it is against the law of nature, although there is nothing wrong with not accepting the cliched norms of society, but there is still the fear of May the judgments of society prevail.

Although in the modern world people are trying to normalize the existence of various sexes and the different sexual preferences of people. Governments are doing their best to ignore other communities like transgender, transsexual, gay, etc.TV vs TS

The difference between TV and TS is their sex. TV or transvestite and TS or transsexual are often used interchangeably, but they both have big differences. They may be somewhat similar to each other in terms of clothing and lifestyle, but there is still a difference.

Comparison table between TV and TS

Comparison TV Parameters (Transvestite) TS (Tanssexual)

Basic wishes Transvestite Change in the original characteristics of the body
Acceptance by society Not widely accepted A little acceptance
Transformation into Possibility of transforming into TS Possibility of becoming transgender
Sex Sex does not change Sex is switched to the opposite sex (sometimes)
Exchange rate Only appearance change Change in body characteristics

What is the television?

TV is short for transvestite, they are the people who like to transvestite, which means that they derive pleasure from dressing in clothes primarily associated with the opposite sex.

In few cultures transvestism is practiced for religious, traditional or ceremonial reasons. Although, the term “cross-dressing” is derived from a medical disorder “cross-dressing.” Instead of calling these people a transvestite, transvestite, drag queen, transsexual, or transsexual without offending them.

Transvestites are more prominent in men, there are men who prefer to dress as women and adopt their lifestyle by choice, although their sex may be male at the same time but their gender may be different.TV vs TS

The sexual preferences of these people are confused with those of gays or lesbians, but it is not necessary that transvestites be homosexual. Dressing as the opposite sex can also be part of your professions, which could increase your interests later on.

Being a transvestite can be naturally hormonal or people tend to develop interest artificially. They are determined by your sex and not by your external aura. For example, if a man is a transvestite and dresses like a woman, then he will also remain a man by sex and will be determined by “he” or “he.”

The acceptance of the transvetita does not yet exist, people have not yet managed to normalize this section and many times they consider them normal sex, ignoring their wishes. People think that cross-dressing is definitely an option, but in reality it is sometimes natural.

What is the ST?

TS is short for transsexuals, they are people who emotionally and psychologically feel that they belong to the opposite sex. The desire to be of the other sex is not limited to dressing, but they also have a holistic desire that includes the sexuality of the opposite sex.

Transsexual can be a later stage of transvestite. Transsexuality is determined by hormones and is therefore often considered natural. The desire to be the sex is sometimes too high and people tend to undergo surgeries to change their sex by changing the reproductive organs.

Sometimes people do not change their reproductive system through surgeries, but instead try to develop that appreciation of the opposite sex by improving some characteristics such as external appearance, for example, a growing female beard or a breast on a man.TV vs TS

Transsexuals have different sexual preferences and it is not necessary for them to be attracted to people of the same sex, that is, homosexuals. They can interbreed in the opposite sex or the same sex, it all depends on the individuals.

Transsexuals are not appreciated by stereotypical society due to their constitution and preferences, some people also think that changing the reproductive system is against the law of nature. Discussions can be held but the conclusion would not be clear

Trans-sexuality can also develop artificially, as people tend to dress as people of the opposite sex or behave as the opposite sex due to professional reasons or perhaps due to cultural practices that enhance their attraction to the opposite sex, since who find it fascinating.TV vs TS

Main differences between TV and TS

  • Television (transvestites) is more limited to lifestyle and dressing, while TS (transsexual) is an internal phenomenon connected through a person’s emotions.
  • Television has been less popular than TS.
  • TV (transvestite) can then be transformed into TS (transsexual) but TS (transsexual) cannot be transformed into TV, but can be transformed into transgender through surgeries.
  • The sex of the TV (transvestite) remains the same despite the exchanges where the opposite sex of TS (transsexual) is sometimes changed later.
  • TS (transsexual) is often associated with changes in the body, while TV (transvestite) does not need any changes in the body.

Final Thought

TV (transvestite) and TS (transsexual) are different from each other.

Both affect the appearance of the person somewhere, and are related to the attraction to the lifestyle of the opposite sex. Your sexual preferences depend solely on the individual.TV vs TS

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