Trusted domain names are important for website rankings

However, there is an interesting phenomenon. My Google Coop page ( has a good ranking. Please see the following screenshots:

On June 8th, I searched for “SEO” on My Google Co-op page was ranked 17th, and Google’s own information for webmasters ranked 18th.


Search for “Search Engine Optimization” on on June 8. My Google Coop page is ranked 60th. However, a closer look reveals that the URL version that is listed there is no www.


Search for “Search Engine Optimization” on on June 13. My Google Coop page is ranked 71st. Ranked 72nd is the Google Directory page.


I believe that the ranking will decline afterwards.

There are two inspirations:

1) Google also has URL normalization issues.

2) Trusted domain names are very important to Google rankings. My Google Coop page doesn’t really have any special content. It’s the same as all other coop pages. Here’s a simple explanation. Here’s what I subscribed to and others subscribed to my coop. Linking to my coop page is just mine. This blog.

But I did not expect that this page is easily ranked in the top two keywords of SEO and search engine optimization. The only thing that can explain this phenomenon is that Google’s own domain name is unparalleled in trustworthiness and authority.

I looked at a similar page on my Google coop page, listing not the pages related to my blog, but the major search engines, Google itself, Yahoo, AltaVista, MSN, and more. So in essence, it’s Google’s own web page, which has nothing to do with me.

Looking at the source file of this page, there is nothing special about optimization. The PR value is not high, and the link is very small. I believe that the most important reason for it is that the domain name is trusted.

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