Traffic statistics analysis is a treasure

Traffic data contains a lot of information, and different people may focus on different places. But in any case, people who do websites, especially those who do SEO and internet marketing, should pay close attention to traffic statistics analysis. It can be said that traffic statistics analysis is a treasure that is often overlooked.

Give a few of my own experiences.

See the effect of SEO from the change of the number of independent IP

From the number of independent IPs, that is, the number of people watching your website, you can see the effect of the network marketing you implemented. General traffic analysis software will draw images by date, which is very intuitive and can clearly see the overall effect of SEO.

In addition, the relationship between traffic and certain specific efforts can also be seen from the number of independent IPs. For example, if your web page is placed on the 365key’s home page for a day or two, you can see how much influence these social bookmarks have. You know that such social search, bookmarks, web digests, tags, etc. are now A very important source of traffic.

A few times my article appeared on the 365key homepage, and the number of visitors can increase two or three times.

The data of these social searches is probably one of the factors that influence ranking .

Observe what keywords users used to find your site

It can be clearly seen from the traffic analysis software that users search for which keywords come to your website, which can help you to have a general understanding of the actual optimization of keywords.

Another important thing is that from these keywords you can expand a lot of content that can be added. There are a lot of users who will search for keywords that you can hardly think of. It may be mentioned occasionally in your article. It is precisely these keywords that you can’t think of, maybe even more popular, which can bring you a lot of traffic.

For example, I found that many users came to my website by searching Google Earth, Prada official website, entrepreneurial ideas and other keywords, which are unintentional.

If you find these keywords, you can make some adjustments to your own content development strategy.

See which websites link to you from the source of the visit

This is also a very interesting statistic.

It is a time-consuming and laborious task to look up which websites link to you. In most cases, there is not much need.

From the traffic analysis you can see which links can bring a lot of traffic. This shows that the quality of these websites is also good, there are active users, and should be related to your theme.

I usually go to see the link pages that bring traffic, maybe I can find a good resource, maybe I can find a new partner, maybe I can write more content that the webmaster might like.

Traffic statistics can also tell the webmaster a lot of information, see how you can dig, how to use.

Looking at traffic statistics every day is something I must do, and I am happy to work on it.

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