Tracking of subscriptions under the website alliance

Any system that generates orders on the website can use the above-mentioned tracking method based on cookies and supplemented by IP address and database comparison. Whether the payment is online or offline, use credit card online banking, bank transfer, cash transaction, etc., because the system generated orders already have affiliate tracking information, so tracking the commission is not a problem.

But sometimes users do not generate orders online, a large part of the transaction process is offline. For example, a website that sells large machinery, a website that provides services, etc., users generally do not order anything directly on the Internet, but instead make a contact by calling or filling out an online form, followed by sales, contract signing and payment. It is likely to be separate from the website system. In this case, how do you track the planned users and commissions?

Depending on the situation, plan different ways. The general principle is to have a plan code on the page where the user and the advertiser get contact information.

For example, if the user is getting the initial contact by filling out the online form and the advertiser. Then, in the online form of the contact is page, you can send the website affiliate link number to the advertiser through the hidden field. In this way, although the user does not see any affiliate program links and numbers, when the advertiser receives the contact form content, he can see which website affiliate link is brought by the user, and then manually in his own customer management system. Make a record.

For another example, many service industries are likely to call the advertiser directly. At this point, the Contact Us page can be used to convert the affiliate code into some form of coupon code or gift code. When an advertiser receives a user’s call, it usually asks the user how to know the advertiser’s phone number in a simple survey. If it is through the website, the advertiser can ask the user what the coupon number or gift number displayed next to the contact number is used to give the customer a gift, and the general user will not reject the gift or offer. In fact, this number is the link number of the joint, so that the advertiser can also track the customers brought by the link.

This kind of business that is done by phone or by filling in an online form is usually a few purchases and a large purchase amount. Therefore, through this manual processing, it can still cope.

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