Top 10 reasons to be a SEO expert

10) You can make your own website first in the top ten. Watching more and more people coming to your website is a very pleasing thing.

9) You can tell others that you know Google, Baidu and Yahoo.

8) Most people will never understand what you are doing. Sometimes this is a bad thing, sometimes it is a very big good thing.

7) Almost everyone can say that they are an expert. Because in this industry, the most experienced people are also more than ten years of experience.

6) You have to watch a lot of blogs and forums often. Time passed quickly.

5) You have participated in many Google dances (Google’s data update Google Dance, literal translation in English is Google’s dance).

4) Search engine optimization , or a little bit of internet marketing is not a bubble. Never worry about this.

3) If yo, become famous, someone will invite you to give a speech or help their website to diagnose, you can go around with the banner of work.

2) Understand SEO optimization , it is very difficult to think of a little money. Really.

1) Fun.

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