Those unrealistic SEO expectations

When I visit the SEO Forum, I often see people asking if SEO has a future. SEO itself is of course promising. There are search behaviors, there is search traffic, and there is a market for SEO. Worried that SEO has no future, in fact, most of the company’s SEO staff must take advantage of the often unrealistic traffic tasks, but they hold very low wages, and they don’t have the confidence and hope to talk to the boss. This situation is more serious in the internal SEO team/personnel. After doing SEO services , there are opportunities to educate customers. The foreign monks are good at chanting, and the bosses can listen. The company’s own SEO staff, the boss does not listen to your explanation.

So write a post, complaining about the SEO. In the future, after taking over the website optimization for one month, the boss will ask you how the website has no traffic, you can euphemistically let him read this post.

The most common and less realistic SEO looks forward to a few.

How to quickly improve website rankings and traffic?

I have received a lot of questions from the consultations I received. I don’t know why, many people think that SEO should be fast, and this quick often refers to one or two months.

But the real world doesn’t work like this. Otherwise everyone will ask:

  • How to quickly change from a beginner to a nine-segment? One year is not enough? Two years is enough?
  • How does India’s economic strength quickly catch up with the United States? In addition to the Indians themselves, how many people will have the idea to ask this question?
  • How can the national football quickly enter the world? It seems that the dolls have become a grandfather.

Don’t think that Go and football are tall, website optimization can’t be compared, and the truth of everything is the same. New websites and small websites have a lot of content to be ranked , and writing content is the most time-consuming thing. Maybe artificial intelligence writing can solve this problem in the future, but it won’t work anyway. After the big website is optimized, it may take a few months or even longer for the search engine to crawl it.

So, bosses, don’t expect SEO to have any obvious effect in a month or two, and the deadline should be at least 6 months.

Nobody, no budget, you have to do SEO?

Search engine natural traffic is free, but SEO is not free.

Maybe the bosses will feel that paying the salary of the SEO staff is the investment, and nothing else is needed. The reality is that this is often not enough. SEO is a way of marketing, and the energy, budget, and other marketing channels that need to be invested are similar. When considering the SEO budget, how much does it cost to think about doing a year of advertising in a newspaper? How much does it cost to do a TV commercial? How much does it cost to attend the show? How much does it cost to give coupons directly?

Do SEO, prepare content to spend money, structure adjustment to spend the program staff, the external chain to spend money, page manual optimization to spend time, manpower, are also money, buy software, services to spend money, all count down, than Advertising is much cheaper, but still feel that it is not worth spending on SEO.

I remember seeing the information a few years ago that the cost of getting a credit card user offline is a few hundred dollars. Why is it that getting a user is only a few dollars on SEO? If the cost of SEO traffic also reaches a few hundred users, most bosses are estimated to be insane. But the two are the same thing, aren’t they? Under normal circumstances, the unit cost of different marketing channels should be the same. If there is a low channel cost, it will bring a higher level of competition, and its cost will be pulled up, and it will be pulled to the same as other channels. Fortunately, SEO is still costly, but it is improving.

These keywords should be ranked first

Let ‘s not talk about whether the boss has done keyword research . Even if the keywords proposed are accurate, should SEO be the first? Or relax the point to make the first page?

This can be considered in this way. For example, in the tourism industry, the word “tourism” does not want to compete with Ctrip, where to go, Tuniu, Baidu travel, etc. Even if the words like “Singapore Tourism” are the next level, ask yourself, our company is the whole country. Group of the top 10 in Singapore? Or is it the top 10 for booking Singapore tickets and hotel bills? If not, why should your company enter the top 10 when searching for this word? The Internet is still fairly fair, or will the real top 10 think so?

A company with a reputation and turnover that cannot enter the top 1000 in the country, should you enter the top 10 when searching for industry keywords? Just because you have an SEO? Which 900 companies do not have SEO? Everyone has SEO, and the final fight is the strength of the company and products. The role of SEO personnel will not be so great.

A new website is like a shop in a desert without people. The shop is mainly Ma Yun, that is easy to do, to have money and money, to be fooled, and to let the whole country know overnight. Otherwise, it really takes time, energy, manpower, and budget to promote it. SEO is no exception, even more so, open a shop on the quiet pony road, there will be a few passing, a website that no one knows, no one will pass by.

To have realistic expectations of the SEO effect, it is necessary to remember the most obvious truth in life: there will be no pie in the sky. To be fast, save trouble, save money, and have a lot of natural traffic, how can there be such good things in the world?

If you take the lottery ticket to refute, then I can only ask, are you winning the lottery?

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