Ten sites with high conversion rates

Perhaps because I am a host server, this concept is natural and ingrained. In Singapore, bandwidth is one of the most important costs of doing servers, and prices are rising. The traffic on the customer’s website is a big headache, not a happy thing.

Only revenue is converted to an order.

Those who have an investment, can do traffic first, and then study how to make money.

Doing SEO and doing traffic are just a small part of the site’s operations. Increasing conversion rates is another important part. For large e-commerce sites, a 0.5% or even 0.1% conversion rate means a huge increase in revenue.

How to increase conversion rate? There are the following aspects to consider:

  • Refine unique selling points
  • Website design professionalism
  • Strong copywriting
  • Provide detailed information to answer all possible questions
  • Increase the trust of the website to users
  • Website usability
  • Shopping cart process optimization
  • Promotional package comprehensive use
  • Guide users to take action
  • Provide zero risk purchase

It is easiest to understand how to do good websites. According to a report released by Nielsen in January, some e-commerce sites have high conversion rates and are worthy of research.

  • Proflowers.com 30.6% flowers, gifts
  • Metrostyle.com 23.6% women’s clothes
  • Qvc.com 21.6% clothes, jewellery, kitchen supplies, etc.
  • Officedepot.com 21.6% office supplies
  • Llbean.com 21.5% men and women clothes, also sell furniture or something.
  • Tickets.com 20.1% Tickets, tickets, film tickets, concert tickets
  • Blair.com 18.9% is also selling clothes and jewellery
  • Landsend.com 18.4% is also selling clothes
  • 1800flowers.com 17.8% flowers, gifts
  • Sportsmansguide.com 16.8% outdoor activities dominated, such as hunting equipment

The above websites are basically special cases. There are brands, repeat customers and other factors. It is difficult for ordinary websites to achieve such high conversion rates. However, it is still very useful to refer to how their website induces users to convert to paying customers.

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