Taobao may need to talk to Matt Cutts

Taobao’s strong fight against credit in these days is a very good thing, even a must. When people no longer believe in the news in the newspaper, the chain of mutual trust between the government and the people collapse. When everyone no longer believes in the reputation of Taobao, Taobao is not far from collapse.

However, relying on “integrity self-examination” is certainly not reliable, and there is no future by reviewing the title.

Seeing Taobao’s “Integrity Self-Check” news, my first thought is SEO, occupational disease response. But in fact, brush reputation is not equivalent to spam in the search engine and cheating ? It is not feasible to manually remove spam by black hat SEO to check itself.

How does the search engine handle spam and cheating? By algorithm. Identify the characteristics of typical rubbish, form patterns, and use algorithms to remove or reduce power. In fact, the algorithm for identifying the reputation of the brush and the search for cheating are very similar:

  • Account/domain registration time
  • Account/domain history performance
  • Is the account/domain name activity stable?
  • Account/domain name and other account/domain interaction

A good algorithm can handle most of the rubbish, it will definitely be killed by mistake, and there will definitely be a net leak, but the accuracy rate reaches a certain level, and the user does not feel a big difference.

Taobao’s own site search is a very high level of search engine, but anti-spam may not be very strong, after all, it is on your own website, not so much rubbish. So maybe Taobao should talk to Matt Cutts, or at least talk to Yahoo Anti-Spam (before the Yahoo search business was cut), and it’s much more reliable than relying on Taobao’s customer service department.

I believe that the so-called self-examination has been involved in the algorithm, but you don’t have to let the business check it yourself. You don’t have to worry about it. You can quietly get an algorithm that can’t figure out what is going on, and adjust the credit number directly.

The search engine does just that. You can go cheating, but you can’t find your website in the search results.

Taobao can also do it, you can brush the credibility, but your reputation score is not up.

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