System Software and programming and application software

  1. What is system software?

In computer science , it is known as system software or basic software to  the series of programs pre-installed in the computer or computer system and that allow interacting with the Operating System (the software that governs the operation of the whole system and guarantees its operation), to support other programs and ensure digital control of the hardware.

The basic software is usually very simple, inaccessible for most users and manages the physical potential of the computer , according to the instructions of the operating system , which should not be confused.

Different operating systems can control the same basic software , for example, since these are the commercial presentation of a program to manage it in one way or another. However, for many cases both terms are used as synonyms.

Among the main functions of this software is the control of the transfer of resources, the administration of RAM , access to peripherals or hard disk, in short, basic and fundamental tasks without which no system could work properly.

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  1. Examples of system software

BIOS:The BIOS guarantees that the computer communicates with the external world.

Some possible examples of system software are:

  • Loaders of programs ( loaders ) . Programs responsible for the execution of other programs and to guarantee the stability of the system.
  • Operating systems . Actually many of its components, since a certain part of the OS are part of other aspects of the system’s operation.
  • Basic utilitarian programs . As the guarantors of the correct state of the hardware , or the energy meters, temperature, etc.
  • BIOS . Acronym in English of Basic Input-Output System (Basic Input and Output System), is the elementary program of control of the information of the system, which guarantees that the computer communicates with the external world.
  • Command lines . Preprogrammed instructions in the system that allow carrying out very basic and indispensable functions, of priority execution.
  1. Programming software

Programming software
Programming software: Programming software builds and designs other programs.

A  programming language  or programming software is how programs that allow the construction and design of other computer programs are known . They are called that way because they include formal languages ​​or protocols for the organization of  algorithms and logical processes, which are then executed by a computer system to perform various purposes. With this type of software components of application software, system or even other programming languages ​​are composed.

  1. app software

app software
app software: Video games are application software.

Software is understood  as application  to all programs that do not concern the operation of the computer, but  are installed in the system to achieve specific and determined functions : work tools such as  spreadsheets , word processors, graphic design programs, among others; entertainment programs such as video games, audio or video players, etc; or simply information software, such as digital encyclopedias, Internet browsers , among others.

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